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  1. 803 - higest law cup attendence since 2013!
  2. 803 - higest law cup attendence since 2013
  3. Because for years now, peple have been calling for a team made up of 'local lads' and now Mat Caland is putting toggether a team of local lads, poeple are moaning about using local lads from a local team - when it's been the same peple shouting off about gettng local lads in the team. But peple hear are never happy - always summat to moan on about. these are the same peple who were always shouting for caland as coach but now hes building a local team with local lads he's the villan of the peace taking local lads playing localy. this forum talks some propper 5h!t3
  4. Try Anusol Plus, Harold - it stopped my bumhole bledeing in about 36 hours: magic stuff. Good look with the piles - there a nitemare!
  5. this guys usually full of 5h!t3 - but on this ocasion i aggree with him. onward to the futture!
  6. is that anyone not wearing a 1, 10 or 11 shirt?
  7. it weren't a patch on other years - it were like a wake.
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