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  1. You should know hes your player,I do and hes not my player thankfully
  2. He wasn't attracting players he was 5 yards off them just wanting shot.
  3. Thunder were poor,made town with 14 look reasonable and I think that's their season done next week too.
  4. He made a error calling marwood Bolton and held his hand up for it ONCE.
  5. If I was paying him what hes getting I'd want him running it in for a change
  6. Sorry not offloading passing it on.
  7. Watch it again he didn't kept offloading it.even commentary stated the fact.
  8. Only makes next season more worrying for town in league 1.barrow keighley newcastle rochdale all head and shoulders above the rest next year plus Ottawa if their in.
  9. Town got off lightly,thunder making a few mistakes close to towns line.thunder were not much better than last week so donny should come next week and do what they did to thunder last week.
  10. Fui never made a run with the ball for first 35 mins!!
  11. Did they win the grand final last season or finish top? Why should they of been promoted then?
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