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  1. This is great news. It’s been positive for a while now. As a SWINTON fan I’m always cautious these days but hearing good vibes coming from the club and the initial impact of the new set-up.
  2. Rob. Seriously. Get a grip man. Even for you (given your ridiculous previous posts) this is pathetic. The rugby league community will thank you if you just keep your fu**witted ideas to yourself.
  3. Hi mate. Please come over and say hello at the Whitehaven game. I will give you a personal apology for insinuating you were Mr Mazey. Forgive me for getting carried away. I’m glad you are a loyal fan and grateful for your continued support of the Lions. Just let me know where you’ll be in the ground and I’ll pop over. There’s a beer or two on me that’s a promise Peace mate.
  4. I’m sure there’s a name for the behaviour we are seeing again. It’s almost too easy to predict what he does next. Inventing/Producing characters to publicly worship him then endorsing that characters proclamations. Sure seems needy!
  5. I’m aware there’s a bit of sculduggery going on mate
  6. Oops. Most people think it was a mess you created Andy. I wasn’t aware it was a mess created on Facebook
  7. Totally agree. I’ve already paid for my Season Ticket by bank transfer to the clubs account. I’m pushing Pride Builder with my family members. Im positive. The only thing that I detest is people STILL going on about the recent past and reinventing what went on in order to destabilise. That stuff needs calling out as it does our club harm. Peace.
  8. Wake up and smell the roses. Man up. Your hero ain’t the man you think he is.
  9. These are some facts Andy 99% fans behind the board and their vision (based on me knowing around 100 fans and only one really hated you because of the atrocious name you called him on social media) 50/50 on the name change to Manchester L with many fans willing to walk away after decades of supporting this club with all their spare cash Desperate calls to anyone that could help (including the mayor) when you declined to address the fans concerns, despite promising you would 98% backing of the Manchester SL idea (based on me canvassing opinion of around 50 match going, season ticket buying, passionate fans with only one adamant non-taker) Abuse ? Yep - you can stick your Manchester up your **** around 6 or 7 chants at the last game. Par for the course I’d say after what you’d done by then Threats ? Not seen any but hope if this is true they are being seriously dealt with. Are the police involved ? Aftermath. We can only do what we can do with what we’ve got. Buckets ? So be it. The board walked. We roll up our sleeves and see if we can survive. It’s all we have done for many a year. Look back in anger ? Nah mate, life’s too short. The future ? Those that care will put their shoulder to the wheel. Those that can’t let it go and want to cause mischief and further pain to the club in the hope they can accelerate its death will continue (on message boards like this) to do so. Some of us will occasionally call them out on their BS
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