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  1. We play out of a shared facility on the site of the former Sherwood Colliery Pit. The grounds are owned by CISWO but managed by a committee made up all the clubs that play out of the club. The club is known as Debdale Park Sports and Rec Club. We currently have about 50 teams that play out of here, including Football, Hockey, Cricket, Darts and Dominoes, and of course Rugby League. We already run a Junior section. Last year we ran U11, U13 and U15s... approx 50 kids attended our programme through the summer and we hosted a Junior festival with 140 juniors in attendance from all over the Midlands. Fingers crossed the RFL choose us for a televised game for the Challenge Cup next week so that we can spread the word even further! Early signs are looking like we will have a huge crowd for the game, and should easily beat the 421 we had last time out.
  2. Yes I'm involved. Our club is just 6 years old. We have been playing in the Midlands competition and last year got through to the final of the Harry Jepson Trophy. We're hoping in 2020 to run two competitive teams. We have an abundance of players but currently no opposition for them to play, so we're hopefully to get a slot in the yorkshire mens league in 2020 and will keep an Academy/Development team in the Midlands. Our home ground in Sherwood Forest is fantastic. We have great facilities and consider ourselves a warm and friendly club. We generally attract between 100-200 on normal game days through the summer but last Sunday we had a crowd of 421. There is huge interest in the club locally now and having witnessed an unbelievable game of RL I'm confident theyll come again and bring a friend along too. The Challenge Cup seems to have helped the club grow considerably and really put us on the map. I'm hopeful that the RFL might choose to show our game with West Bowling in the next round... fingers crossed! Thanks for your interest.
  3. Interesting fact.... The name Sherwood Wolf Hunt derived from a group of Hunters who went into Sherwood forest in medieval times to hunt wolves, and to protect local people. The group of Hunters were based in Mansfield Woodhouse on the edge of the forest, and were know as the 'Wolf Hunt'.
  4. You didnt really answer my question Baron... are you, as a member, being regularly updated? This is 2019... why cant you go online and sign up for a membership, or at least get access to how to become a member? Why are memberships not advertised.... anywhere? To me, it is either incredibly poor management, or someone is trying to purposefully reduce the amount of members the club has, or is being very selective over who becomes a member. I will take you up on your advice though, and I will ring up the club and take out a membership this week. It's a very concerning time; No board, no players, no money, no active social media, rumours of player disputes, and a messy split between supporters. Almost 150 years of Rochdale Hornets, seemingly in the hands of one man. I know former Chairman Mark Wynn had his foes, but he wouldnt have let this happen on his watch.
  5. I was a member. But it seems that membership lapsed, and theres now no information anywhere about current membership prices, how to become a member, what the membership includes etc. Assuming you're a member BaronMK11, are you being regularly updated on progress with the club?
  6. I have been a follower of Hornets for a few years now, and have often read these forums from afar, but never taken the time to post. It really concerns me to hear about the current state of affairs, and with the lack of any real engagement from the club, other than to the members I worry about what's going on, or not going on for that matter. From what I can see, we still have no board in place... are we therefore in a similar position to Swinton (special measures)? This is the most important time for clubs, recruiting players and sponsors, keeping interest alive through newsletters, emails, social media, and luring fans in to spend through the winter to keep the coffers ticking.... but I see nothing at all? What's next... Can anybody offer an insight?
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