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  1. Another Manchester team probably like Oldham swinton Salford or rochdale
  2. I'm guessing Huddersfield
  3. Where did you find it. Can you get the head to head
  4. Do you know where I could find some stats. Very hard finding things like that online.
  5. You're probably right I just thought teams in the same region usually faced off most.
  6. Do you know where I could find out the proper number?
  7. Very hard to get records of any clubs. If you were to guess who would it be. I'd say Leigh or Rochdale all being around the Manchester area.
  8. Do you know anyone who might know the head to head. You see I asked last week was the most played rugby league fixture and this was mentioned. Wigan st Helens have met 325 times I doubt this tops it
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