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  1. I can't decide if to go with heart or brain. Just because the Canadians have gone don't mean this year will be any easier. Indeed it's going to be tougher. Teams like Toulouse, York, Fev, Leigh, Widnes and London will all believe they can be the ones and I can't realistically see us finding a path to finish above these teams. This puts us in a relegation fight probably. Main issue is that Grix is more of an assistance man that needs to learn more. Last season was terrible minus the cup which the backroom staff even managed to fluff up. It just seems that we went 2 steps back last season. Started with the greatest of news that we had beaten the odds and been accepted into the new reserve league and then quit which is the best way to discribe it quit the league. This shows that the club was disingenuous when they applied and expected not to be accepted and hoped for an excuse to stop the reserves and the great group of volunteers who sacrifice time because of some other motives. I hope to proved wrong, hope for the worse and the rest is a bonus but I think we are not getting the full picture.
  2. Signed up some astute talent with the trialists. Seen much of the older pair each have a different style of playing the game yet both very accomplished at hb / soh. Gibbs in particular as a footballing game reminiscent of Lee Briers. Surprised we (Fax) let him go without giving him the same curtesy of a pre season run out. See you in top five knights
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