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  1. It is understand and always tough when happens. Should not be hard on result players did not give up and it is pride to be took. I see injuries have impact hard on Oldham. Again. I speak high of James Worthington as he only player I am familiar with. He is loss big for team, today his skill and impact would been missed deeply. I hope he is recover soon. although other players have potential plenty. I would look positives at performance, you have good squad lots of potential to go on. Forward
  2. It is hard for any team to allow to win when only one side is heavily used for whole game. Ball consistently used one side resulting in fatigue of players in game. Some players are used not in right way and miss chance skill to show, I notice as spectator. More of your advanced players need to allow time with ball more. Making game easy to read for players. I hoped really Oldham could bring game I disappointed with result for the city and your support. Let not result bad your weekend here. Forward look to the next meeting. Good luck with the rest of the season.
  3. Bonne chance Oldham! Look forward to seeing Oldham play rugby new team for us. I will be 50% cheering for Oldham today. Wanting to catch up with James Worthington after the game. Hopefully Worthington has a magnificent game. I hope he is still as good as when he was with us at Toulouse. I miss worthington here being. enjoy your days here. Have fun in my city see you there
  4. Oldham should be on TV more I need to watch more games
  5. Thank you for welcome. I am happy to follow. I have twitter to follow Oldham account though I can not discover James account. Does anyone help me?
  6. Hello all. I am new fan here. Following James Worthington from Toulouse. I am big fan. I follow him through Wigan and Rochdale. i follow will Oldham this season to watch Worthington and I am excited very to watch Oldham in February. Hope to get more trips over to England during 2020. I begin to follow this forum to stay up to date. And speak to other fans
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