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  1. Thanks all, started with SOO, watched 80 and 81 now. Never knew it started as a one off game. As for the Pie Wire friendly as a Saints fan will give that a miss :) Appreciate your feedback
  2. Hi All, Having recently signed up to NRL.com can anyone recommend the best Origin Series and grand finals to watch without mentioning the scores or who won? Many Thanks
  3. Hello All, As a relative newcomer to RL (been following for around 5 years). I'm looking for recommendations on classic matches to watch on you tube during the off season. Particularly internationals, NRL and State of Origin. Many Thanks
  4. Best games of all time. Hello All, I'm relatively new to rugby league. Been following the game closely since 2015. In the off season intend to catch up on some classic international matches. Anyone got any suggestions
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