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  1. For sure, all Pacific Islanders support their players whether they play for their Island nations or Australia and NZ. Money would also play a huge factor in To’o decision as most Island families.
  2. When the Kangaroos and Kiwi’s tour Europe they should take the Maori and Indigenous teams along. While they play England and France the Maori and Indigenous team can play England Knights, French A and regional sides.
  3. Or most Pacific Island family the parents would most likely tell Brian To’o to let God decide and give their blessings to whatever decisions their son makes. It’s not Brian To’o fault given that the eligibility laws in rugby league gives him that option to decide.
  4. That’s what happens when the NRL are in controlled of the Pacific Island nations international schedules, and not IRL or the local administration themselves.
  5. Wasn’t one of this teams had linked up with a major league rugby franchise? I thought the owner of the LA Giltini’s MLR had shares in one of the proposed teams.
  6. I really hope they remain in Superleague for a few years. I can see big things for Toulouse in the future and they are now my team to support too.
  7. You seem to based your statistics of someone on this forum saying this and that. If you haven’t watch English club union prior to 1996 before it fully went professional. I would say that they have done remarkably well. Majority of clubs were watched by a man and his dogs while rugby league enjoyed healthy crowds into their thousands. Club union in the 80’s was pretty much park footy.
  8. As a Pacific Islander I didn’t see anything wrong with those comments. “I like the lads” refers to his whole team and he’s happy to see the team are well represented.
  9. You sing the same tunes as those on here who said the same thing about union in Australia. Move along bro
  10. You don’t see the benefits of union sevens been in the Olympics? Growing up I only ever heard of the Hong Kong 7’s and small tournaments here and there. At the moment nearly all regional events like Pan-Am, Pacific Games, Asian Games, African Games and others that have now added 7’s as one of the sports. Don’t worry about sparse crowds, I rather have increase participation, fundings and developments than worry about who buys tickets to watch.
  11. I don’t know which show you were listening to and which country it was. But here in NZ the Women and Men’s 7’s national teams received $2.4million a year funding from High Performance Sport New Zealand. I’m sure union 7’s receive such findings in Australia and other countries in pursue of medals. A recent Oceania 7’s pre Olympics trial event in Townsville at the home of the Cowboys was fully funded by Australian government owned PacificAus Sports. So those are some types of the fundings and grants that rugby league 9’s if it was included in the Olympic could access.
  12. Didn’t London Broncos and St Helen’s took part in the Dubai 7’s up against SH club teams after that? I remember London Broncos been there as I was managing a NZ team that there as well.
  13. That will be an awesome team for sure we just need a coach that can bond the team together. I don’t think the Johns brothers are those coaches. Someone like Graham Lowe, Bellamy or Sheens.
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