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  1. Sargent Major Mr Clay will be spitting nuts loved re-setting scrums for the TV cameras keep em ??
  2. Get round ta local farm shop Johnny loads of delicious pies ?
  3. Guessing the brown envelope never had enough brass in it for Mr Burgess ??
  4. Bit cold in Whitehaven too with all the Mara,s?
  5. Watersheddings and Thrum Hall always my favourite away grounds great atmosphere and always a hard game both now sadly gone but will live long in Rugby League memories?
  6. Will be very interesting to see what happens in the NRL when they start playing again on 28th MAY ?
  7. What have Oldham done wrong Watersheddings brilliant ground.
  8. Send off material argues far too much none starter.
  9. Like to wish the Big Lad and His family all the best for the future whatever it may be ?
  10. He a few times talked to Ref a lot if I remember ?
  11. Think Hull is not far from the Sea ? all football mad in Southport I've found.
  12. Neil Fox Jonny Freeman Alan Hardisty (the ghost) Mal Maninga Geoff (Wildman)Robinson
  13. When and if the season does start again Super League should be cut to 22 games home and away only no Magic weekend and none of the extra matches playing each other three times in a season.
  14. Spurs Mr D Levy needs to take a good look at himself in the mirror and self isolate for a few years ?
  15. Ah Swalezy can remember him running down Dunford road one training night in his boots and kit dressing room had been done over while training was on by local tea leaves chasing them !!!! Salt of the earth Graham?
  16. Maybe this could be the start of a full North American league ?
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