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  1. First 20 when they were banging on the door sure it was like 6 sets our goal line defence was fantastic credit to the back room staff too I just carnt believe how fit we look ??
  2. Looking at both games today and last week I thought our outside back got involved a lot more today what's good to see taking a bit of pressure off the forwards thought o'Brien was unbelievable today more so in defence and as for Miller with them hits ??? just hope for a decent draw at home please ?????
  3. I said same when we played whitehaven
  4. With the pace we have on the flanks I dont no y we never tried a chip over in the first half with the wind as strong as it was
  5. Wow ??? thought we looked very flat today with no go forward at all but a wins a win and fair play to the groundsman pitch looks fantastic
  6. Not at all fella I'm just asking a question I just think they should be letting us fans know a little better that's my opinion been going down for 20 years and it's always been the same
  7. Another example was mellor what happened to him??
  8. ???come on all I'm asking is for them to let fans know if his a town player or not instead of gossip which is more than likely right that his gone y dont they just come out and say it
  9. Our 1st game is on sunday stuff like this should be done by now to be fair
  10. I'm not just on about tickle I'm on about the club in general it has been like this for years olstrom another example. How can it be difficult for the club his rather still with the club or his not..
  11. What the crack with him has he gone or not????? We must be one of the worst clubs to communicate with the fans of all time it's been like this for years
  12. That's what we said at workington but I didn't work out that way ?
  13. His fra brow you should know ?
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