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  1. I am self employed but will ride this storm out. The ones that are out working are the greedy b***ards or those who hardly declare anything. Hope everybody is gonna make some noise this Thursday too. Thanks Nhs.
  2. Showing my age now I can remember Northern playing in Dewsbury shirts .This would be around 1968(I was seven).Also a previous poster mentioned plain shirts , well Northern played in plain red shirts for away(and sometimes home) games for years.
  3. Didn't Lufc choose all white to emulate Real Madrid?
  4. Trevor was also a fireman who lived in Ossett. He also played for Huddersfield.
  5. 1980 Northern v Hunslet I think we had already won the championship and were winning by 40+ points when King the Hunslet scrum half broke clear from the blindsided of the scrum. From out of nowhere from the other side of the field sir Keith Mumby appeared and locked on his Target like an excocet missile sending King flying into touch like the championship depended on saving that try. It doesn't sound much but to me that was the greatest tackle from one of the greatest tacklers ever.(Keith Mumby)
  6. Dave Redfearn Alan Redfearn. Les Thomas Vaughan Thomas Keith Toohey Dennis Toohey Derek Parker Alan Parker all Bradford Northern.
  7. Further along the canal from Hebden bridge between the towns of Mirfield and Dewsbury you could sample the delights of Ravensthorpe
  8. Today following Johnson's Monday night message I have been at home fiddling around.We were told only essential workers should go in . Being self employed I obviously will take a financial hit but I was more concerned about doing the right thing .Then this afternoon we have Matt Hancock saying you should go to work to keep the economy going. Where is the clarity? Where is the help for the self employed? Morally I don't want to go but now I am confused with these jokers.
  9. Where's the help for the self employed? I along with millions of others are now stuffed . No safety net for us.
  10. Skerrett, Noble ,Hamer, Hobbs ,Fairbank Pendlebury I think I remember correctly.The game was Wigan v Northern 1990 premiership semi final. Northern won 6 nil and I don't think I've ever seen a pack play as well.
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