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  1. Correct both big lads who should have gone further. Mark played in the same Dewsbury Colts side as my brothers which also includes the aforementioned Andrew Parkinson. They weren't a bad side but we're up against some great teams such as Hunslet Parkside (including Gary Schofield etc) and St John fishers the majority of whom were then signed by Dewsbury (Carl Gibson and Roy Powell didnt)
  2. We all used to sing it at last orders in the pubs.( Ten pints down the line)
  3. I don't know about that I honestly can't recall seeing him play, but a unique achievement nevertheless.
  4. Harry Beverley. How high did he lift those knees?
  5. Does anyone know of any other player who has played in every position for the same club? Gary achieved this at York in the late seventies / early eighties I believe.
  6. Wigan 0 Bradford Northern 9 premiership semi final 1990. Great defensive display from a great pack. Skerrett Noble Hamer Hobbs Fairbank Pendlebury. We were pants in the final v Wishes.
  7. I was at that game though I thought Bridgend were the opponents (could be wrong brains gone to mush during the lockdown)
  8. By the "clap for the carers" is a rather unfortunate title.
  9. Remember fans chanting Bruno when he got the ball. Massive lad.
  10. On a lighter note I think it should be compulsory to stand outside your house every night and clap for Bradford Bulls
  11. Yes but in these stressful times it really can't be a bad thing for people to be showing support and trying to be positive because it's gonna be a long road ahead for everybody.
  12. Ok I'm just trying to chivvy folk up. Suppose I feel guilty of being at home ( self employed so no dosh till June) whilst others are be exposed to this thing. Bored to death already.
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