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  1. I first saw Ellery and Henderson Gill playing for Northern colts v Leeds colts in a game before the first team match around 1978. Both were outstanding and I think Nobby may have been playing too.
  2. Remember his powerful runs down the wing.RIP
  3. Harry Beverley. How high did he lift those knees?
  4. Remember fans chanting Bruno when he got the ball. Massive lad.
  5. I am self employed but will ride this storm out. The ones that are out working are the greedy b***ards or those who hardly declare anything. Hope everybody is gonna make some noise this Thursday too. Thanks Nhs.
  6. Dave Redfearn Alan Redfearn. Les Thomas Vaughan Thomas Keith Toohey Dennis Toohey Derek Parker Alan Parker all Bradford Northern.
  7. Today following Johnson's Monday night message I have been at home fiddling around.We were told only essential workers should go in . Being self employed I obviously will take a financial hit but I was more concerned about doing the right thing .Then this afternoon we have Matt Hancock saying you should go to work to keep the economy going. Where is the clarity? Where is the help for the self employed? Morally I don't want to go but now I am confused with these jokers.
  8. Where's the help for the self employed? I along with millions of others are now stuffed . No safety net for us.
  9. The 85 final has to be the most entertaining games of all time,any sport.
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