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  1. As a Bulls fan I thought it was quite an entertaining game and both sides should finish in the top half of the table. However some of the Rovers fans behavior leaves a lot to be desired. I had my wife and son with me and she felt quite uncomfortable.I appreciate these are in the minority but they do detract from the Rovers
  2. Decent game at Dewsbury .The Bulls are building a good team spirit.Thought Doyle had a great game. Should finish top half of the championship.Dry sunny but b****y cold,bring on the summer.
  3. The 85 final has to be the most entertaining games of all time,any sport.
  4. Good game on at Dewsbury if you want to get your rugby fix.
  5. The Belle vue playing surface is and always has been one of the best. Shame about the rest of it.
  6. Apart from against Leeds I wonder where Toronto will pick up any points.
  7. Why can't the Wigan fans create some atmosphere? Salford fans seem to do it.
  8. My wife says why is the ground empty? . I wonder where all the Wigan fans have gone?
  9. Bulls squad very young and not much experience however Kear is in charge so we are always in with a chance. This is going to be a very competitive division this season and any team is capable of beating the other. Fev obviously favorites.
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