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  1. Just been to my first Magic w/e and loved it. Keep it in Newcastle as a regular thing .Newcastle is amazing ,even caught the metro to Whitley bay for  fish and chips. It's  probably 10 years since I've seen a live Super league game but it's got my interest back. Is it in Newcastle next year? I'd definitely go back. Events need to be regular not chopped and changed about so people can plan ahead.

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  2. A well organised sport would have  had plans in place. Super League clubs cannot run the game as they are only self interested and unable to plan long term for the greater good of the game. Loop fixtures are a boring joke so the only way is to increase the number of teams in SL. Yes less money per team from Sky but the clubs need to do more to promote themselves and gain fans and sponsorship etc. T.O. ,London and Newcastle in for me.

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