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  1. Just had a gander at rugbyleague.com. I can't see a mention about TWP! ... and RL complain about the media lol.
  2. I think TWP and Ottowa plus others should start their own league in Canada.
  3. A well organised sport would have had plans in place. Super League clubs cannot run the game as they are only self interested and unable to plan long term for the greater good of the game. Loop fixtures are a boring joke so the only way is to increase the number of teams in SL. Yes less money per team from Sky but the clubs need to do more to promote themselves and gain fans and sponsorship etc. T.O. ,London and Newcastle in for me.
  4. So they vote Toronto out without giving any thought beforehand as to what to do next. What about a governing body that plans for the future . Super League clubs should not and obviously cannot run the game as they are interested only in themselves not the game as a whole.
  5. TWP brought lots of new interest in RL from people who had never heard of it before. Thousands of new fans in Canada. Look at the number of posts on here too. The media liked them too, so now all that marketing is now gone. Oh and Shuddersfield Amoebas have lost 2 season ticket sales from me . I'll stick with Underbank as amateur RL is now the future.
  6. Gutted, R.I.P. Super League . Watch out for the new rugby union team in Toronto.
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