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  1. Hello everyone, I havent been on for quite a while but I am still writing the History of the National Conference League and still require quite a bit of information from clubs who are still in or now out of the NCL. I wont bore you now as it is getting towards Christmas but I will be back in the New Year to bug you for contacts and information. Until then have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. MC
  2. Hi everyone, sorry I havent been in touch with anyone but have been hospitalised having contracted Covid-19 but I am now at home recovering. Once I am up and running again I will reply to all messages. Kind regards. Mark
  3. they did but were still an integral part and if you have any info it would be appreciated
  4. Hi all If this season does get completed it will be the 35th of the National League/National Conference and I am looking to write the history of this. I have already collected much information but am struggling with information for certain clubs on their time in the said league. I am missing for information for Greetland All Rounders, Knottingley, British Areospace, and Redhill. I would also like info on Chorley Borough, Blackpool Gladiators, Nottingham City and Hemel Hempstead. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated. Cheers Mark Chestney
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