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  1. Hi guys, thanks for the replies, it's quite inspiring think I will give it ago! In reply to the above, I tired the athletic club this year, and it wasn't the competitive club that I'd have liked it to be. However I am trying to run for president of the athletics next year to change that around. If that goes to pot I will definatly give rugby a try!
  2. Hey! I'm 18, going to be going into my second year at university this year and was thinking of joining a sports club as I didn't this year and felt left out from all socials and other club events. I do know how to play the game however I only have experience playing it from high school so i'm nervous about being a beginner. I haven't got the right build for a rugby player as my main sport is distance running therefore I'm tall and lanky. So? Am I being a wimp and should I join the club? Or should I just not bother because of my build and lack of short burst energy? Also i'm new to these forums so hi!
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