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  1. I still think we should see more ad-lib rugby, and IMO the only way of doing that is by cutting the numbers on the paddock, to 11 per side, and please get rid of the scrum. Maybe still have teams going back 10 metres, but once the ball touches the floor the defensive line can advance, benefit of the doubt goes MAJORLY to the attacking side, it has to be 100% a knock-on for the whistle to go, and 100% a forward pass, IMO referees are whistling too often for these things, and commentators need to be told to stop shouting "forward pass" and "knock-on", the referee's word is law, and comms need to talk FAR less too, and only have 2 in the commentary box.
  2. Tips - Panthers, Storm, Roosters, Knights, Broncos, Eels, Manly, Tigers Points - 311 H wins - 6 Poll - Broncos
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