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  1. Yes I agree with the word future https://www.rugby-achat-centrale.com/presse/272-rugby-a-xiii-le-rugby-du-futur-version-francaise.html
  2. Ready for WC 2025 https://rugbyleaguehub.com/product/rugby-league-rugby-of-the-future-by-frank-perrin/
  3. I think you could be right with your opinion . I also think the thinkers of 13 were avant-garde.
  4. Hello all, I am ready for WC2025 Here is the link to order my French Rugby League book translated in English: https://rugbyleaguehub.com/product/rugby-league-rugby-of-the-future-by-frank-perrin/ Best Regards Frank Perrin
  5. Hello All, As French author and historian I wish you a very happy new year. I am ready for 2025 and inform you that my last French rugby league book is available now in English by the following link : https://rugbyleaguehub.com/product/rugby-league-rugby-of-the-future-by-frank-perrin/
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