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  1. How would you compare the NCL Premier competition with say the Northern Premier/Nat 2 or whatever the equivalent competition in Union would be?
  2. Why not just go back to the community game? You’d need another job if you switched to National League Union anyway and it’s a hell of a tough gig travelling down south every week in Nat 1.
  3. Do you guys think this might stop players in the NCL being signed by League 1 and Championship clubs? A few players from my club had been signed this season and were really enjoying it, I’d set myself a bit of goal to maybe get to that level as well but it seems unlikely now if those clubs have Super League players to pick from.
  4. Thanks for all your responses. I’ve done some work on my running fitness and my short sprints by myself in lockdown so I’m hoping that I’ll come back a bit fitter and faster. I prefer playing back row but if somewhere down the line a coach doesn’t think I’m big enough or whatever (to be fair I’m prepared for it at 176cm with my boots on), hopefully if I keep working on my speed I’ll be quick enough to slot into the centres as well if needed so I’ll keep working on it. Thanks for taking to the time to reply (and you as well Rooboy).
  5. Thank you.. been watching a couple of the players mentioned in lockdown!
  6. Not sure if this is the right place to ask these questions but I’m gonna give it a go anyway. Last few years I’ve been playing league and union but in league I’ve spent last couple of years playing left centre or in the back row. This is/was my first year playing open age. Before the break I played in a 2nd’s game and then two games for the 1st. 2nd team game went really well and before the whole coronavirus thing we had a few injuries in the backs so I got picked to play centre in the first team and we lost. I wouldn’t say I played badly but I felt like the other lad had me for speed. Early on he ran straight at me and it felt like I won the tackles but their full back stood me up a bit on the outside, once I managed to get back and tackle him and the second time our full back saved me. Second game I came off the bench in the second row and felt more comfortable. I just tried work hard and run some decent lines but I made a few half breaks and a lot of tackles and I think I played 50 odd minutes in the end. I was probably hoping to play centre purely from a physical point of view, I’m around 5’9 and 15 stone ish which is obviously on the small side for a second row. Kinda in a tough place now because I’m probably short of pace for a centre but I felt more confident in the second row. I think my best qualities as a player is probably my work ethic, line running and my footwork, I’m wriggly and have a decent step so I can make ground that way. My hands are decent if I get early ball and I’m left footed so can kick down the left edge. A lot of players in the league and from our team last year have been signed on by championship clubs and one day I’d love to do that and play for one of those clubs. Was just wondering if playing second row or even loose forward long term would be an option given the size of me. Haven’t mentioned it to the coach yet cos I’ll play either and do my best wherever but thought I’d pose the question here so thanks!
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