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  1. Wales v Jamaica was due to take place at the end of last season, branded as The Billy Boston Cup, but didn't happen due to lockdown. Could turn into a good event if played annually as a double header with mens and womens teams, played over the summer, get some live music on etc. It's mentioned in this article Wales propose to play England for the NHS Cup – Wales Rugby League (WRL) Be great to see France v Wales as annual fixture as well.
  2. I agree with what you're saying. I was simply pointing out another Scottish born player, along with the previously mentioned Russell, Luckley and Scott from the He Can Play For list.
  3. This article https://wrl.wales/regan-grace-ten-years-of-rugby-league-success-a-memorable-day-in-neath
  4. Wasn't sure about Grace and Wellington. This article says Grace started league at local U13s team and then onto Scorpions U15s and U16s. Maybe he played Union aswell. The Union team developing him for Union and the Scorpions developing him for League. He's clearly got good taste.
  5. They're already doing it. Kear, White, Dudson, Flower, Lloyd, Grant came from Crusaders. Davies twins, Jones from Scorpions. Maybe Grace and Wellington started there as well. More recently Huish, Badham, Lewis have signed for SL academies from Raiders. There's probably others. And more to come https://wrl.wales/wales-rugby-league-national-development-academy-launched-in-partnership-with-coleg-y-cymoedd Imagine if Super League clubs looked to Wales for players like NRL clubs look to New Zealand.
  6. They do. So maybe heritage players should wait to be picked by their own nation so those that are committed to Wales can play.
  7. Big loss for Wales. Obviously in picking a heritage player, especially one the quality of Knowles, there is the risk that this might happen. But having represented U16s, U19s and then into the full national side i'm sure Wales thought he was committed. That's not the usual route a heritage player takes. Just had a look at the Wales RL and Gareth Kear twitter pages and there doesn't seem to be any response. Be interesting to see what they say about it. Wales shouldn't be a stepping stone for anyone. It's a difficult situation for Tier 2 nations regarding heritage players. Short term quality or long term commitment? Personally, I'd rather have someone like Jordan James for 30 games than Morgan Knowles for 4.
  8. Great work welshmagpie. Interesting to read all the lists and do a bit of player research. Few more Welsh players - Dafydd Jones - Salford, Dewi Billingham / James McGurk - Bradford, Kieran Lewis - Huddersfield, Kyle Huish - Wigan, Ewan Badham - Hull. Keep up the good work ?
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