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  1. I think the split happened in 2015.. but that was the reason
  2. Actually you are wrong. the CONI was funding RL in Italy. The reason for the internal split was precisely because The RL man working for the CONI could not look at an Italian player in the eye and tell him to work hard and he could get to the world cup. because the CONI was just funding Aussie rejects. I would have plan of merging RL and RU, not to merge the games as such, so no compromise in games. And BTW if we are talking about a war between the codes, RL actually won! If you look at RU in 1995 when it became pro the Influence of RL on RU is massive. RU is actually almost RL in RU context... but that is another discussion. Back to the plan You would have a one umbrella org in each country, (not the competition), and have 3 silos of 15s, 13s and 7s. So e.g. RL 13's would just continue as they are doing but would be available to be selected for the 7s team. this would mean RL players would get a chance play in the Olympics, which now they don't. Players would be eligible to play for the different national sides without difficulty. Also it would make the games more economically sustainable. Now In Aus RL is stronger but in others RU is. Ultimately this might also get rid of this silly sectarianism and mud slinging.
  3. Well I am really interested to see how this goes.... I am Mainly RU fan with NO ILL feeling to RL. In fact I think RL has some awesome skill sets. But I think the Italian team will be a failure ,and will be interested if I am proved wrong. RL in Italy died out in the 60's. In the English wiki they blame RU.... what a surprise but in the Italian version not. it is obviously written by a bitter guy with a grudge. Sorry Italy was not like France in the 30's it just died. The reality is Italians like all Latins like flair but they also LOVE scrimmaging rucking and mauling. And the like watching the forward play. So RL begins at a disadvantage. RU also doesn't have big crowds to begin with. So to turn the tide they will need to win and win big, or it will die a death as it did before. Also as an Italian fan I have big issues with RL and the sham and corruption they deal with the "developing" sides but with a special eye towards Italy and the med. Here is my point. Not a single player in the Italian team is actually Italian why? Because the Italian team, as the Lebanese and Greek and Serbian, as just private clubs for Sydney Italian stallions. If they don't make the Kangaroos side they get picked for Italy for the World cup. In fact this scandal boiled over and now there are 2 Rugby league federations in Italy, one for real Italians and one for the Sydney club The World RL federation only recognises the one in controlled in Sydney. And Now James Tedesco will be poached by the Aussie side because he is good enough. Another RL shame of being able to jump national sides. The Lebanese RL wiki page doesn't even hide this scandal. The perfectly admit actual Lebanese players don't get the the World Cup Now what would happen if real Italians played in the Italian side? The would get hurt , and the games would be totally joke. But then why do you pretend? You can extend this to Irish ans Scottish teams. My point is sectarianism aside and need to compete or "fight" the enemy RU aside, how much bang for your buck are you actually going to get? Oxford RL didn't work out and that was in England! This thing is going to cost money lots of money If I am proved wrong I will eat my hat. But this will cost RL a lot. They should be trying to sustain the grass root clubs in northern England, where you know you have groundswell of support.
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