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  1. He was - he’s now involved with Wales RL now (I think) David Connor is the man for that and he’s been cc’d in the emails and been quiet throughout
  2. There is no-one else within the RFL willing to take this on, the poor girl who emailed the club with this news in the first place, works in a completely different department, who’s had all this landed on her incredible, really
  3. You’d think so, but it was the RFL who informed the club of the decision The club responded by emailing the RFL’s Social & Inclusion manager, Anthony Atherton, who said the decision was final but still wouldn’t give a reason, so something’s afoot Sport should never be run like this..
  4. Haha!! If only it was that simple...we have a situation whereby a club is being expunged from the sport, losing players, volunteers, administrators to the game and in a development area too Purely because an unelected chairman of a committee simply doesn’t like them - you can’t run a sport like this I hear the sponsor is taking legal action, the local MP and Sport England have been approached as well as one or two RL journalists Or they could simply reinstate the club and save everyone the fuss It’s social rugby for old men at the end of the day
  5. “A legitimate complaint was made by the club to the RFL, they responded by saying there had been an investigation, found no case to answer and the matter was now closed Also in the same email they informed us that the MC (Masters Committee) had had a meeting and the members had voted to terminate the club’s ‘membership‘ of Masters RL under Clause 2.2 of the Masters Constitution, which reads...”2.2 The Management Group, at their discretion and in consultation with members, shall have the right to refuse membership to any club or player.“ It was made clear that this exclusion came i
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