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  1. Didn’t Ottawa buy an existing rugby club, therefore their entry conditions would/will be different? weren't some Of the very unfair conditions imposed on Toronto actually Put forward by themselves as an incentive for admission? isnt having an international “domestic” competition incredibly risky now and in the future when countries are likely to close borders at the first “sniff” of an Infectious disease ..? super rugby is all but over and looks far more likely to split and proceed as domestic or regional comps. is Toronto really in a position to demand anything? Well the potential new boss seems to be demanding, The other officials Seem to be begging. will new ownership attract a NA TV deal when the old did not? can they be competitive when their best players have left? can they be financially viable (short or long term)? should they Be required to be competitive, ie subject to relegation. should they be allowed back in at all? In SL in the championship? Back to the bottom. deferred for a year to allow them to get reorganised (or is that organised)
  2. I know northern England is a long way from Eastern Canada but this thread has gone even farther than the subject...TWP...
  3. I think, not wishing to speak on anyone’s behalf, that the reference was to Wolf Grooming implying that they are also sponsors of the super league itself, they don’t appear to be, at least not yet.
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