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  1. Champion bloke. No wonder people want to go into battle for him. Chuffed that it appears he is staying at Salford although I am sure rumours will now start about waiting on a job at Wigan, Warrington or even Saints in future. Good luck to him and Salford.
  2. Credit to both sides there. Some of those Salford players must be out on their feet.
  3. Lot of talk this week about who could possibly replace Cameron Smith for the Storm. Step forward Gerard Sutton . In all seriousness this is poor to watch and hard to keep interest. Dubious calls all going one way but Panthers aren't helping themselves either.
  4. Credit to Wakefield Always felt Saints would have enough but also seen plenty enough Wakefield V Saints games over the years to think it wouldn't be a walkover.
  5. Media Coverage for Rugby League is getting progressively worse. The only RL interest in certain media outlets is in negative spin. Challenge Cup Semi Final weekend sees the I weekend newspaper give no mention to our great sport, not even in the TV sporting highlights section....except for running the Sam Burgess story. Plenty of room for a near double page spread on the upcoming play offs in the Kick n Clap but nothing on what could be two great semis of one of sports most prestigious and historic competitions. I am just picking out the I there, sure it will be the same across the board. Is th
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