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  1. what no comment from robin, pulls this sort of mistake down usually.
  2. have you been to any of these stadiums or is it just a guess they are out off date,you are welcome to come and see FEV stadium any time.marra.
  3. lets all knock fev brigade seem to be having a field day, lets get on with it and bite them back,up the rovers.
  4. sorry home work was not on the agenda in my school days we just did all work in classroom,the bar at rovers is separate nobody with a pint pot only bottles bring your own,still stupid against all rules but not every one been following them.
  5. its not in the bar its the hospitalaty room get it right.
  6. good try the blue ox we do know what day it is,make a proper comment or keep stum.
  7. dont know what went wrong quote all over place,stupid,stupid let the club and all its supporters down even before we get in to watch,rules are rules lets respect them dont need another lockdown.
  8. stupid abrules are rules on and off the field.solutly stupid let themselves and supporters down before we even get to watch them,
  9. welcome back to fev sorry we cannot be there,what did radford say never want to see this place again seems he at least got his,wish,you got as good as as you gave, we just wouldnt roll over.
  10. glad you"ve had yours james my dad at 93 is still waiting for his hemsworth.
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