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  1. 2 minutes ago, The Hallucinating Goose said:

    Someone needs to teach Americans another sporting chant. "USA! USA!" has gotta be the most annoying chant ever. Very happy for our Curlers!

    You're not kidding , I first heard it at the 1984 Olympics at the same as I first saw the Los Angeles wave , its become very tiresome .

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  2. 25 minutes ago, Cw25 said:

    Well both I suppose. There are loads who have gone through the divisions. Wigan just seem to move every season.

    Since their relegation(and including) from the Prem in 2012-13 , Wigan have had 2 promotions and 4 relegations , in the same time , Rotherham have had 4 promotions and 3 relegations , while Blackpool have had 2 promotions and 2 relegations .

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  3. 2 hours ago, Sidi Fidi Gold said:

    Just in case any body is interested , starting from today ( 1.25pm) Forces TV are showing some classic Doctor Who , todays story is the first 2 episodes of Spearhead From Space , which will be repeated in the evening , the following story will be The Daemons . Their plan is to show around 10 stories spanning from 1970 to the late 1980s .

    The other stories they are showing are , Genesis of the daleks , Terror of the Zygons , The Robots of Death , City of Death , Logopolis , Kinda , Earthshock , The Caves of Androzani , Vengeance of Varos and Remembrance of the Daleks .

  4. 50 minutes ago, Cw25 said:

    When Wigan go up. What will happen next season ?. They always seem to be getting promoted or relegated. I am sure they are the most moved team. Wonder if somebody can find out if they are..... Blackpool have done some moving too.

    They were very unfortunate with their last relegation , they looked certain to stay up , until going into administration in very dubious circumstances .

    When you say getting relegated/promoted , are you talking about recent times or all time ? I seem to remember Grimsby going up and down quite a lot from the mid 80s through to the mid 2000s .

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  5. Just in case any body is interested , starting from today ( 1.25pm) Forces TV are showing some classic Doctor Who , todays story is the first 2 episodes of Spearhead From Space , which will be repeated in the evening , the following story will be The Daemons . Their plan is to show around 10 stories spanning from 1970 to the late 1980s .

  6. On 14/02/2022 at 03:18, Josef K said:

    They are having a cracking season along with Wigan Tics. I hope they both go up because i put each way bets on them before the start of the season. They have been better than my other bets of 

    WBA. Bradford City, Grimsby Town, Gloucester City. 

    Yes , they both seem certain to go up , the only thing that could stop Wigan challenging for top spot is fixture congestion , well , we could see how they handle this , this week , they play Crewe tonight before travelling to Rotherham on Friday .

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  7. 4 hours ago, Mattrhino said:

    We have spent decades trying to emulate soccer but it doesn't work for us.

    Soccer wouldn't have P&R if the clubs below the PL were Ossett Town and Dover Athletic 

    The top teams in Super League are hardly Man City, Liverpool , Man United and Chelsea , More like Barnsley , Luton and Millwall . Anyway , if Dover or Ossett , by some miracle , did reach the Premier League , it would be seen by the media as a genuine good news story , not just in the UK but around the world .

  8. 3 hours ago, shaun mc said:

    Pleased for Lyndsay Jacobellis winning gold in the Boarder Cross after her epic throwing away of the medal in 2006

    Then with her partner they win the mixed event - ages 40 and 37. Not just a young persons sport!

    Yes I saw her win the other night , then immediately went on you tube to watch the 2006 race again , its still absolutely incredible to watch .

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  9. 20 hours ago, M j M said:

    Despite my instinct I did just watch that video you linked. I saw David Tennant acting and Catherine Tate reading some lines. So I refer you to my thoughts of some months ago -

    I'll concede the point on the historic love interest element of Doctor and Companions. However it's mostly been implied and, at most, involves just the two of them. This seems more overt and has Bishop there winding it up. Hopefully it doesn't become a major story line.

    Even in such scenes in previous episodes they'd be the bits I'd cringe or fast forward through. It might just be me but I'm there for the Doctor, the TARDIS and the aliens, not a love story. 

    The Doctor , the Tardis and Aliens seemed to work very well between 1963 and 1989 , but if they'd have kept the same format when the show was rebooted in 2005 , then the show probably wouldn't have lasted more than 1 series , I think one of the things that made the show a success was the emotional impact of the companions , whether it was Rose in Doomsday , Donna in Stolen Earth , the Ponds exit in Angels take Manhattan , Clara in Face the Raven/Heaven Sent/Hell Bent or Bill in World Enough and Time/The Doctor Falls .

  10. On 01/01/2022 at 23:10, M j M said:

    Yeah was quite good although I admit I fell asleep about two thirds in after about six or seven goes around so perhaps it sagged a bit in the middle as they kept repeating what they were doing. Was it just me who didnt understand why they could get out of the building in the end as I'm not sure it was specifically explained that it would be fine after midnight?

    Return of the Sea Devils next looks awesome 😄

    But please God I don't want the Doctor to have a love interest with a companion and least of all do I want that relationship to be matchmade by a badly-acting John Bishop.


    The Sea Devils have been rumoured to be returning since the show was rebooted , apparently , Moffat wanted to do a Sea Devil v Silurian war episode but he didn't have enough budget left .

  11. 55 minutes ago, Tommygilf said:

    I wouldn't disagree with that.

    Burnley are in a situation similar to Newcastle that they don't lose very easily, but they just can't win either. So many draws.

    I feel Newcastle will only get players who will agree to sign if others sign too if you get what I mean. And even then, can they buy themselves out of this, or do they even want to?

    The thing is , with Newcastle being in a relegation dog fight , it will be even harder for Newcastle to attract players , they may have to sign players with the short term aim of just surviving relegation rather than as part of some long term plan . Looking from a Leeds United perspective , after about 8 weeks of the season , I thought it might take 40 pts to keep you up , now I think 35 may be enough , possibly 33 .

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  12. 1 hour ago, HawkMan said:

    I fear this could be one season too many for Burnley,  great job Dyche has done, but I can't really see three teams worse then them. Norwich definitely,  probably Watford too, but at least they can score plenty,  it's their defense that Ranieri needs to fix. Looks like Norwich plus two from Burnley,  Watford, Newcastle and Southampton and I feel Newcastle will buy their way out of trouble this month. Dyche deserves a bigger club and I feel next season he'll be in  PL but not with Burnley. Rafa out maybe and Dyche in.

    Anyway,  Liverpool special agent Rafa doing a great job.



    There's no doubt that Dyche has done a great job at Burnley , but there is a stigma attatched to him and his style of play , I feel there would be an uproar amongst Everton fans if Dyche were to become manager .

  13. On 04/12/2021 at 13:19, M j M said:

    A couple of observations now I've caught up with this series.

    Am I alone in thinking there's slightly too much going on? Perhaps one set of baddies too many. I'm sure they'll resolve it all but at the moment it's a bit chaotic to follow.

    I think the weeping angels are over-used. They seem to be come less threatening with every outing. An army of them just ended up seeming a bit ludicrous to me rather than sinister.

    How come our dog is suddenly the head Lupari, monitoring and taking action when other ones break formation? I thought he was just a regular grunt rather than one of significance. An excuse to put him and Thaddea Graham in the same place no doubt.

    The Doctor back story stuff is interesting - but more is sometimes less and I think the Doctor was best identified as a sort of rogue time lord rather than this galaxy-transcending figure she/they've become.

    And perhaps I'm alone but I'm not a great fan of Mr and Mrs Richard O'Brien - although killing off Tecteun put them up in my estimation.

    This is probably all rather negative but I will say it's quite engaging, the acting largely decent and the plots and scripts a huge step up from the weak stuff Whittaker had to deal with up to now in her time in the role.

    One final niche complaint: repeatedly using their CGI representation of what looks like a trans-Atlantic liner from the 1930s (it appears to be a knock-off Queen Mary) in 1904 really grated to me. Getting from Nepal to the UK in that era right they'd be on something much smaller of the British India company, suited to tropical sailing and without the 1930s design features. Annoying!

    Quite a few people have mentioned that there are too many threads running through this story , personally , I don't mind it . I find a lot of the new characters engaging 

    If you think the Weeping Angels are over used , what do you think of the Daleks and Cybermen 🤣 . This is only the 4th story that the WA are the main villain and the first one not written by Steven Moffat and while I admit that Blink was an iconic story and will take some topping , I've thoroughly enjoyed the other 3 .

    As I said earlier , I've found most of the new characters engaging and Swarm and Azure are no exception 

    I think series 12 was a big step up from series 11 and Series 13 is a step up from series 12 

    Good point about the ship looking out of its time period , it never dawned on me , although I did think they navigated the globe rather quickly , from South America to the Himalayas to Liverpool .

    In case you haven't noticed , I am enjoying this series , will you be watching the final instalment ?




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  14. 2 hours ago, John Drake said:

    Back on topic. 

    I think the current series of Doctor Who has been outstanding. 

    The serialised format really works, allowing for more complex storytelling and greater character development. 

    It does make it harder to dip in and out of for casual viewers (and those who just like to watch stuff to moan about it later) unlike the previous single episode structure, but I think this series will stand the test of time and repeated viewings when all six episodes are available. 

    For me, so far, the standout episode has been part 4, featuring the Weeping Angels. Must admit, despite their pre-eminence as a fans favourite, apart from their debut in Blink, they’ve never really grabbed me, but in this episode, they were used brilliantly. Genuine tension and threat and a stunning cliffhanger. 

    I’m looking forward to seeing how all the threads are pulled together in the final episode next week. 

    Its been great so far , personally , I couldn't pick a favourite episode , with the exception of Once , Upon Time(which was a tad confusing , but not that bad) they've all been great . I must admit when I first saw the series trailer , I thought , doesn't that humanoid dog creature look a bit naff , but hasn't Karvanista been great , hasn't Swarm and Azure been great , in fact all the new characters have been really interesting , wasn't Craig Parkinson good last night , wasn't Jemma Redgrave good , wasn't their interaction great , I hope Osgood returns next week . Talking of UNIT , remember after the new years special , Resolution aired , how fans were up in arms because Chibnall had dismantled UNIT , well now we know why .

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  15. Had a beautiful male Sparrowhawk in the the garden last week , it had caught a sparrow and was able to watch it for about 20 minutes , while it ate it . We get them in the garden quite frequently , earlier this year I saw one sat on the lawn , it had something in its claws , a closer inspection told me it was a Blackbird and it was still alive , the Hawk was plucking feathers from its back , the Blackbird didn't try to struggle , it looked in shock , then with the Blackbirds pink flesh exposed , the hawk tore at its flesh , hence , the Blackbird started to struggle for its life , but it was too late , I had to look away because it was too distressing .

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