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  1. Any other coach would have been sacked halfway through the season but I think Campbell was too scared of him.
  2. As far as England are concerned, it looks like the ITV curse has now become the Channel 4 curse.
  3. It was aliens , I saw it in a film on the Horror Channel .
  4. Sometimes , I've known programmes on iplayer go down to 3 or 4 days , then renew for another year .
  5. I thought it was players and officials that cheat , not stadiums , has Wembley Stadium got a consciousness , if so , we better warn everybody inside .
  6. She'd only heard of Wigan because of some Dutch football players that played for Wigan Athletic in their Premier League days . Thats the power of football and the Premier League ,
  7. 22 years ago , Norway beat England 8 0 in a Euro qualifier , that was England's heaviest ever defeat , tonight's 8 0 reversal is Norway's heaviest ever defeat .
  8. Never write off Djokovic , but Djokovic doesn't seem himself lately , in fact he hasn't seemed himself since he won Wimbledon last year . Hopefully , Djokovic or Norrie can win it .
  9. I think you should be this forums nationality Zhar , if we have any doubt about any ones nationality , then you should decide
  10. Never mind the book , I've seen it on TV , Sharpe was captured by the French , he escaped , ran to the front line , steadied the line , swished his sword about and the French were defeated
  11. I think we should appoint a high profile foreign coach , never mind the cost , just give him what he wants , its bound to bring success .
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