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  1. 1 hour ago, Futtocks said:

    A tale of two relay medals in 4x100m.

    The GB women messed up their first change, but Daryll Neita stormed the home straight, overtaking two teams to get bronze.

    The GB men had a slick interchange and were leading right up to the end, when they were pipped by Italy on the line. Silver, by one hundredth of a second.

    That was a socking exchange , also the handover from Dina to Neita was very safe . It just goes to show how far the 4x100 women have come , when you can do a series of bad change overs and still win a medal . It was only 9 years ago , at London 2012 , when we didn't even qualify a team for the Olympics .

  2. 6 hours ago, Futtocks said:

    Track Cycling: Laura Kenny and Katie Archibald in the women's Madison carried out a relentless massacre of the entire field, from start to finish. That's as emphatic a gold as you can get.

    That was absolutely phenomenal , when you see races such as this , the scratch race , the points race , there always seems to be so much left to chance , but they came in with a plan and executed it perfectly . 

  3. 21 hours ago, John Drake said:

    Let the speculation about their replacements begin - or continue, given that these two have been particularly unfairly hounded and criticised in certain quarters since they took on their roles, in my view.

    I hope whoever replaces them gets a fair go, assuming the show continues.

    I absolutely agree with this , another rumour doing the rounds is that in Jodie's final episode , she will be seen to start to regenerate but we won't see who she regenerates into , this is because the show maybe going on a 2-5 year break , this is not because the Beeb want to put it on an hiatus , but because they can't find anyone to take over as show runner , and quite frankly , who can blame them , parts of the DW fandom is absolutely toxic , as you say , the level of abuse Chibnall has received is absolutely shocking , and that was before an episode had aired , Steven Moffat had to leave social media because  of the abuse he received and death threats , even Russel T Davis left twitter because of abuse he received towards the end of his tenure .

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  4. 28 minutes ago, John Drake said:

    I think it is an interesting idea to make the whole series one continuing story. I know it has been done mainly due to the truncated season length due to Covid, but it is a nod back to the classic series where stories would run for four to six episodes as the norm, rather than the one-offs or loose story arcs we've tended to have since the show resumed in 2005.

    When Torchwood did this with Children of Earth, five episodes over five consecutive nights, they knocked it out of the park and produced the best series they'd ever done.

    I'm looking forward to seeing it.

    Children of the Earth was probably the best thing ever to come out of the Whoniverse , I can remember people at work who never watched Doctor Who/Torchwood talking about it and saying how good it was . Back to the upcoming series , I too am looking forward to it , I want to see the conclusion of the Timeless Child arc and to find out who or what are " The Division "

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  5. 19 hours ago, John Drake said:

    Promo clip for the new series...

    Series 13 is set to be one continuing story, it will only be 8 episodes long due to covid restrictions . As well as Jodie , Mandip Gill and John Bishop , Series 13 will feature Jacob Anderson (Grey Worm GoT) as a recurring character , it will also feature some old monsters such as Weeping angels and Sontarans .As everyone knows there are rumours that this is Jodies last series , other rumours suggest that she will film a couple of specials , which will air next year and then leave , another rumour is that the next Doctor will not be revealed until Jodies Doctor regenerates .

  6. 6 hours ago, gingerjon said:

    There must be a real financial benefit to being in UEFA or else you'd think it would make more sense for the likes of Azerbaijan to "do an Australia" and shift to a different federation.

    Mind you, looking at that, I'd also expect Australia to do an Australia and move back to Oceania.

    I don't know how Australia wangled their way into Asia , but I don't think a Nation can just move from one federation to another that easily . As for Aus plying in Asia , I would imagine it benefits both sides , the Australian national team and club sides playing in a much higher quality competition than Oceania can only improve their standards , and long term , it can only benefit Asia having another strong nation to help raise standards in the Asian federation .

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  7. I'm sure everybody's aware that the 2026 WC will have 48 teams taking part , well according to Wiki , this is how the extra 16 places will be allocated .

    Asia 8 (up from 4.5)

    Africa 9 (up from 5)

    CONCACAF +6 (up from 3.5)

    South America 6(up from 4.5)

    UEFA 16 (up from 13)

    Oceania 1 (up from 0.5

    Plus their will be 2 more from a 6 team play off , but no UEFA nation will be able to take part .

  8. 1 minute ago, Johnoco said:

    The Poland game for qualification for the 74 WC was the one where Brian Clough famously called their keeper (Jan Tomaceski) a clown. He went on to play a blinder and made a load of stunning saves. I remember it seeming like the end of the world when England didn't qualify for the 74 WC but it went on to be a fantastic tournament and it is still my personal favourite. 

    I've seen that clough interview too .

  9. 2 hours ago, Johnoco said:


    I remember the 1982 WC and the song 'This Time' and it felt like an eternity since they had been in one. Which when you are young, it is. 

    We almost didn't make it to the 82 WC , Romania only needed a win and a draw to qualify but could only manage 2 draws and a loss , this allowed England to qualify by beating Hungary .

  10. 2 hours ago, JohnM said:

    Personal view: Southgate must remain in charge with more or less the same squad, numerous members of which seemed to play better for England than they do for their clubs.  Stability, continuity, experience so important. And PULEEZE, no more trick shot penalties. PULEEZE!!!! 

    Agree with this , England has a wealth of young talent , both inside and outside the current squad .

  11. 3 hours ago, tim2 said:

    If you think they were bad, you obviously weren't alive in the 1970s.

    1972 - Euros, lost in quarter final
    1974 - World Cup, failed to qualify
    1976 - Euros, failed to qualify
    1978 - World Cup, failed to qualify

    My teenage years of trying to watch England play internationals.

    Only the top team in each group qualified for 74 and 78 world cup , I was too young to remember the 74 world cup but I've seen the highlights where we absolutely battered Poland but couldn't win , it turned out that Poland weren't too bad a side , I've read reports that when Poland played West Germany to see who progressed to the 1974 final , that it threw it down the entire game , and that if it had been dry it could well have been a Poland v Netherland Final , as for 78 , we were in the same group as Italy . Also , the 72 and 76 Euro's were 4 team tournaments .

  12. I'd just like to thank Gareth Southgate and the England team for restoring pride and respect into the England team , particularly after South Africa 2010 , Brazil 2014 and Euro 2016 . On a personal note , I've really enjoyed watching England this tournament , obviously it ended in disappointment , but it was quite an achievement to get to the final .

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  13. 11 hours ago, Johnoco said:

    Except, unless my memory is totally wrong, it got to #1 in Germany? 

    What’s so good about it is that it’s written from the viewpoint of typical England fan in the 90’s. They pretty much knew they weren’t up to much but still believed *this* time was different. They’d been rubbish since 66 so how could they not be good now?

    But above any of that, 3 Lions is a brilliant song. Simple as all the best songs are.

    I always think of 3 Lions as a song about hope over expectation , I think foreigners just hear the line "its coming home , its coming home , footballs coming home " and think its arrogance .

  14. 2 minutes ago, Trojan said:

    I've never forgotten that. All that hype about they were going to the Argentine and going to win it, all courtesy, as you say of a Joe Jordan punched goal.  To say nothing of Wales having to play in Liverpool, hardly a home game.  Bet there's as many ex pat Scots as Welsh in Liverpool.

    But the balloon burst almost as soon as they got there!

    People talk about English arrogance , but I've never heard an English manager say " We are gong to win the world cup " but I heard Ally MacLeod said it more than once .

  15. 6 minutes ago, Trojan said:

    I don't really follow football.  I'm glad England got to the final, the only sour note for me was THAT song at the end.  Why?????

    I agree 100% , twitter was full of people from all over the world accusing England of pinching their song , Its so un-original , especially when we have songs of our own .

  16. 12 minutes ago, Maximus Decimus said:

    It annoys me how much it has been the focus the day after. This was a game where after 50 odd minutes we dominated. Yes we got a soft penalty and we'd have been annoyed etc, but the inverse would never have happened because they didn't threaten at all during extra time. 

    I remember when we lost to Italy on pens in 2012. Had we won that game it'd have been a travesty and had Italy won 1-0 due to a soft penalty we'd have been annoyed but it wouldn't have felt like a robbery.

    Judging by some reactions today you'd think it was the hand of god or something. 

    A lot of Scotland fans WERE comparing it to the hand of god goal , but they didn't mention their own hand of god moment when Joe Jordan punched the ball against Wales in the final WC qualifier to win his own team a penalty.

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  17. 6 minutes ago, Wiltshire Rhino said:

    Even after an ankle tap, they still try to stay on their feet. 


    Look, I know footballers go down easy at the slightest touch. It's annoying but it is what it is. However when the pundits say about "its difficult to keep their feet when moving at speed" my eyes roll back in my head. 

    What's the benefit of rugby players not trying to stay on their feet when they're tackled , its not as though they're going to be given a penalty , there's plenty of other ways they can con the ref .

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