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  1. Its amazing ! the number of people (mainly scots) saying they want Italy to win because we dived to get a penalty🤣.As for the penalty , everybody knows that footballers dive but at the same time , when you're running at pace ,it only takes the slightest tough to knock you over , all the camera angles I saw were inconclusive .

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  2. I think Wimbledon let Raducanu down badly , firstly with the womens QF being on tuesday , they always schedule the womens last 16 matches on manic Monday first , to avoid the the scenario we had last night , where we have a womens match still ongoing after 9pm , with the winner having to come back the next day .They should have put her on an outside court with an 11am start like they did with Laura Robson when she made the last 16 .

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  3. 2 minutes ago, JonM said:

    Why was Gary Lineker in the post-match banging on about us not having beaten Germany in a tournament since 1966? Shearer actually scored the goal when we won 1-0 in Charleroi, you'd think he might mention it.

    Don't mention Euro 2000 , I still get flash backs about Phil Neville's last minute tackle against Romania .

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  4. 25 minutes ago, Bleep1673 said:


    I Doubt that Grealish is fully fit , he's training with his thigh heavily strapped , he sat out a training session last week and the last friendly he played  he was subbed and had an ice pack on his thigh . I think the best for him is to have him on the bench , only bring him on if we have to , then hope he's in better shape for the knock out round .

  5. 3 hours ago, unapologetic pedant said:

    I saw a documentary which I think was called World Cup Hellas about the ill-fated Greek campaign in 1994.

    Consequently I got behind them as underdogs through the 2004 Euros, until there was a point towards the end of their semi when a sort of buyer`s remorse hit me, along the lines of "this lot are rubbish, they`ll ruin the final" - which they duly did.

    I remember Greece getting trounced by a very good Nigeria team in 1994 , after scoring , one of the Nigerian players got down on all fours , crawled to the corner flag  , cocked his leg up and pretended to urinate like a dog , it was in response to a pre-tournament insult by the Greek coach .

  6. 2 hours ago, Shadow said:


    So if, as is speculated in the press it's time up for Doctor Jodie then Who's next Who?

    I'd like to see a relative unknown, preferrably outside the standard White Male demographic that has been used 12 out of the 13 incarnations. The writers have been more ambitious with the Master than the Doctor.
    Get some better scripts as well, more show than tell please. Jodie Whittaker has in my view been badly served by the scripts she's had to work with.

    If its true that this is Jodie's last season , it wouldn't surprise me if  Chibnill had planned to do a secret regeneration , so nobody knew that Jodie was leaving until she regenerated into a new doctor on TV , if that's what was planned , then he will be absolutely fuming at the leak of her departure. As for the new doctor , it wouldn't surprise me if it was the Ruth doctor as played by Jo Martin , personally , I wouldn't mind that .

  7. Here's my take on the festive special , overall I found it an enjoyable episode , better than a lot of the festive specials , loved the design of the reconnaissance dalek and the overall plot . One slight drawback for me , was the exit of Graham and Ryan , I thought they spent too much time on it and it didn't impact on me as much as say , Rose , Donna , the Ponds , Clara or Bill . One final note , if you thought The Doctor was upset at Graham and Ryan leaving , wait till you see her when Yaz gets killed at the end of the upcoming series , its gonna happen .

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