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  1. When I hoped for Skolars v Broncos I’d hoped it would be in the Championship………..
  2. That could make Skolars more competitive in L1
  3. Let’s be specific and say it’s the actions of David Hughes that have put RL in London up the creek……
  4. Not that I hold out much hope of it happening ( our owner isn’t renowned for making too many smart decisions) but Jermaine Coleman is clearly out of his depth coaching in the Championship, David Hughes should get on the blower pronto to John Kear and get him in at the Broncos.
  5. For sure. He’d stabilise the team this season and get Bulls promoted next.
  6. Ocean Colour Scene - 'Better Day' They should have been much, much bigger - great band. I'm not one for 'guitar heroes' but Stevie Craddock would be one , have seen him many times in Paul Weller's band .
  7. Probably my favourite RL journo - RIP fella
  8. Quite. Especially as he's unvaccinated and coming to England where Covid rates have soared in the few short weeks since the limited remaining protections were removed by the government.........
  9. He had a chance and wasn’t up to it.
  10. We have a coach who has experience at the next level down, and with a side always near the bottom. He has built a squad with a large number of players from the next level down, a fair number from sides near the bottom. I said ages ago that we'd struggle this year , and be fighting relegation - have seen little thus far to make me change my opinion.
  11. Coach has tweeted the squad - Siti, Curran and Albert are in.
  12. Too slow first half, lack of fitness in the second? Who knows - either way it isn't good enough . Clearly Widnes saw the video of our ' friendly ' against Hull and knew where we could be easily attacked.
  13. Latu would have to have improved a hell of a lot before I'd ever let him pull on a Broncos jersey again!
  14. I said it was harsh but not an unfair assessment based on my view on Sunday. I was sat in line with the tries conceded on his wing in the first half, fella looked like he didn't know what to do.
  15. I dread to think how bad the result will be at Fax. Only Bienek and Tuilatu ( in the second half) carried the ball to the opposition and got stuck in. Although Lovell got stuck in for different reasons .........LOL!
  16. There certainly were! And more than a couple. I don't know if it is a fitness issue or what but it really showed yesterday against a bang average opposition.
  17. Juma plays like a man who has no idea of the concept of defending.
  18. As far as I could see there was nothing - no presence whatsoever either in the ground or on the forecourt outside. Could have had programme sellers, they could have had non playing members of the squad or academy or the ladies team giving away small flags for kids to wave, they could have brought out the mascots but as far as I could see there was nothing. No presence whatsoever. A massive missed opportunity.
  19. First home game in 2017 , home to HKR - first and second favourites for the Championship with the bookies, ended up 1st and 2nd that season. I remember it being bitterly cold, and had there been another 5 mins we might have levelled the score! Was standing in the corner where we got our two late tries. Happy to be corrected but I think the crowd that day at TSC was in the region of 1,600. Would be great if we could pull in that sort of number on Sunday.
  20. Chances of a good replacement being available? Loanee perhaps?
  21. Reminds me of a bloke in a Wakefield shirt at one of the England internationals held at the Olympic Stadium a few years ago. A few drinks and a pie he had , when asked to pay all I remember hearing was 'THIRTY FIVE QUID???? THIRTY FIVE QUID???'
  22. It wouldn't be a London preseason without someone leaving before a ball is kicked. Usually some Northerner with homesickness.
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