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  1. RFL do, but the game generally doesn’t. Same 4 teams competing in general is why RL as a whole in this country is stale
  2. True, it’s just not as exciting as it use to be. RL needs to focus more on streaming and viewing figures than bums on seats. I think attendance will only get worse as years go by
  3. No what we do is little the whole game down to about 4 teams who then get to join SL for a tiny tournament to Wembley. More opportunity’s would be given for a Cup run if the big boys came on early as they would probably draw each other and if you fell on the right side of the draw you could find yourself in the last 4
  4. Not at all, it’s about presenting the opportunity of a giant killing... The hope, that the likes warrington etc field one too many youngster and under estimate a Oldham/Rochdale. At present it’s too easy to get to Wembley and that’s why people have lost interest.
  5. The big sides need putting in earlier... I know there will be blow out scores, and that.. but for your little teams, a big day out at a SL club, plus the chance for SL to player youth players... CC has gone stale because if you win 3 games your at Wembley. and the Semi is also a day out at Bolton
  6. Not sure how profitable or sustainable it would be, but if they can ride it for a few years it may work. they seem to love a free event and a pint over there.
  7. I’d like to see a a 2nd cup that would see season ticket holders watch the early round/group stage, that SL host. it’s still your same amount of games/game at home. if you was guaranteed one home, one away before semi’s.
  8. you’d just hope it would inspire teams lower down the league, or a 5th/6th place to have a go... One team doesn’t generally win everything in football, start seeing a Salford/Cas/KR lift a trophy, pushes them onto GF’s etc. We probably don’t need another comp tbh, just need to find away to make other teams compete for silver.
  9. Rather than the same old loop fixtures, would anyone buy into another trophy more? 12 team comp, drawn into 4 groups of 3 with a guarantee of two games, then semi’s and Final at a new, somewhere different 30-40k capacity stadium. Read an article the other day, regarding the charity shield. As much as I don’t buy into it, I just feel we play a lot of rugby for not a lot of trophy lifts compared to football. What fans don’t want a day out and bragging rights. and I know it’s still the same fixture, but with a different meaning would it add more? GF, Shield, Challenge Cup
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