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  1. Because it makes you angry. I don't live in Swinton either love, I live in a far more beautiful place than Rochdale too.
  2. Hello Andrew, How are you? I wondered how long it would take for you to appear. Trust you have opened a good vintage. A x
  3. But the name lives on, the heritage matters, our club, our birthright.
  4. Gavin Henson, is that the guy that was Mr. Charlotte Church? I know he played union for a bit, was he any good?
  5. The only problem we had was changing the name of the club to Manchester Lions, we are Swinton Lions. Mazey said he had held consultations with supporters, he might have, but if he did, it was a select few new supporters who never knew the club in Manchester 27. He didn't consult us, he never even mentioned it to the majority of the support until he announced it was happening. He lasted days after, once he was called out on it. He was warned when he started to drip feed 'Manchester' into every aspect of the club. He did it anyway, then he scurried away. Considering we have been nomads, a
  6. Good luck with Mazey. He'll reel you in with big promises and before you know it, he'll be trying to change your identity. Once Wine o'clock kicks in, he'll be spouting off and slating you. The man is an idiot, he's trying to be Derek Beaumont at Leigh, but without the grace or skills. Once he realised the Lions fans wouldn't accept his plan to kill our identity and called him out, he scurried away like a little rat. He's now with you, I wish you the very best of luck with that. Whatever you do, keep blowing smoke up his backside or he'll be downing his wine and attacking you on so
  7. Good Luck to them. It would be great to see Belle Vue redeveloped. Pipe dreams of new stadia in a sport like rugby league is hard to imagine. I would rather see clubs develop where they play already then build big fancy stadiums that they only quarter fill. I mean, Wigan have a huge stadium that neither the Warriors or the fallballers fill too often. Same with Hull FC and their football team. I don't get the insistence across League or Union for big football stadia. Neither sport will compete with the wendyballers for support. The maximum any of our clubs needs is a 20,000. capacit
  8. I think Leigh or S*lford are ideal venues for the play off finals. It gives no advantage to any Championship side by the home venue being a Championship club. Like somebody said, NCL, League 1 and the Championship. Obviously, I fancy Swinton to break the Top 6, we keep being written off, but we have a decent side. We won't win it, but we can get 6th.
  9. Leigh bring a great atmosphere to games as do both Hull clubs. I haven't seen Cas at an away game for years, I think the last time was at Harlequins in 09 and they were quite there.
  10. Okay, it was only a friendly, but what a signal of intent. There's no reason why we can't take some scalps this season and a top half finish is the least we should aim for.
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