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  1. 42 minutes ago, EssexRL said:

    I do get what you are saying but playing this at their own ground (which I really like) hopefully will provide a bigger income boost for the club. 

    Not had chance to go to their home ground yet but Newcastle is in a unique position of having a world class stadium bang in the city centre. That, plus the commitment of Geordies to their football club gives Thunder a better chance of profiting by association than going it alone (I realise they do a lot of work with NUFC but opening Magic would take it to the next level). 

    Also, how many SL fans are realistically going to attend? With the first Saturday game now being 3pm the vast majority will be coming up Saturday morning.

    Granted, short term playing at their home ground would likely give them a higher matchday income but I'd expect them to take a percentage of any tickets sold by the club for Magic Weekend and, longer term, the potential is there to engage more people via opening Magic Weekend at St James' imo.


    None of this is a criticism of the club btw. My frustration is more aimed at the RFL for not maximising the potential of Magic Weekend to strategically expand the sport. 

  2. Really hope they get a big crowd on but I personally think its a joke they don't open up Magic Weekend at St James'. 

    Thunder as a club seem to do everything right and should be an absolute priority for the RFL in terms of strategic expansion. What better way to achieve that than by getting thousands of locals into magic Weekend to support their local club before getting the chance to watch some good SL action (and Salford)? 

  3. 8 hours ago, meast said:

    We were totally in control of the game 37 minutes in, despite losing Leutele early and therefore leaving us only 3 subs, we then made a silly error passing straight to a Salford player when we should have just settled it down.

    From that moment, we were never in the game, 2 more silly errors led to 2 more Salford tries and that was the game.

    Pryce needs to be taken out as soon as we can, he looked jaded tonight and probably tried to do too much, we just made too many errors to enable us to compete.

    The only surprising and relieving thing is Salford didn't post a bigger score.

    You can have all the field position you want but you rarely ever looked like scoring. 

    And if you think Will Pryce is your problem going off last night then deary me… Jack Cogger was utterly anonymous 


    We only needed a 5-10 minute spell because (for the first time all season) we looked threatening every time we had it in your 20. Problem is our shocking set completion and love of high tackles allowed you to stay in the game. 

  4. 9 minutes ago, Man of Kent said:

    But can England really afford a novice making those kind of basic errors in World Cup year? Defensive reads are fundamental for centres.  

    Of course not. But, the rate at which he’s improving he has ample time to cut out those errors. 

    I don’t see him being dropped from that Saints 13 so that’s plenty of games to demonstrate consistent performances in D.

    And on your novice point, the dreadful state of the international calendar these past few seasons added to COVID means we’re going to have international novices in that side. 

  5. At what point is Welsby a bolter for that left centre/14 position (with his versatility)?

    hes been outstanding this season and has the physicality, speed and intelligence we’ve always lacked in centres. 

    Still things to work on as it was his bolting out of defence that allowed Huddersfield to cross for their 2 tries but the rate with which he’s improving I’d give him a very good chance of being there come October. 

    For me the centre positions are between King, Newman, Farnworth, Welsby and Gildart only. 

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  6. How dare he commit himself to playing for England after moving to this country aged 8 when he could be playing at this World Cup for Pola...oh 

    It’s the current international rules enabling players to represent the country they feel most attached to that has seen the emergence of Tonga, Samoa, Fiji etc. Ironically by dictating to a player who they should play for all you’d end up with is the tri nations. 

  7. 15 minutes ago, Barry Badrinath said:

    I know its all opinions, and your (wrong) opinion is that oledzki is better than philbin,  but when you're posting this please remember to use his proper title, GB player, Joe philbin 


    Thanks 😊

    Next you’ll be telling me ‘GB winger, Blake Austin’ should be in the squad 🙄

    Philbin should be in the Ireland team come September (although I’d have McCarthy ahead of him at 13) 

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