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  1. Loved the games at Chester RU, great bar there, still go up for the odd Union game. 4G rugby union is almost as quick as RL. I missed the off road bikes screeching past though, only got that at the Queensway
  2. Is the Queensway available? Or better still somewhere away from Drakeford's jurisdiction.
  3. The only RL we'll see in Wrexham following NWC's move. Pity we couldn't have moved temporarily to England not Colwyn Bay, Drakeford won't let us in this season the way it's going.
  4. I've followed the Cru since Super League, the Queensway is a 15 minute walk for me. It's awful and has put supporters off since moving from the Racecourse. That said, it is convenient for me and will I make an eighty mile round trip to continue my support? Probably not.
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