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  1. 13 hours ago, Anita Bath said:

    Guaranteed to get the tykes up in arms…always works.


    And here’s me thinking Bosworth Field was Bramleys home ground.


    Come on Oldham!

    Anita, what would they say in the Hornets Nest, hearing you whisper these words ???????     🙂


  2. On 27/03/2023 at 15:45, STEVE P said:

    Mike Ford is England RU player George's dad. He was saying in the paper on Saturday that he has friends amongst the ranks of past players who he hopes will help with master classes to improve skills and motivation. These include Paul Sculthorpe and Barry McDermot, as well as George and some of his contacts. 

    Good luck to them in securing the future of a club which is a keystone of the game,  but as you said, except when they play us.

    George was at the recent match against Rochdale Hornets with his dad.

  3. 33 minutes ago, jroyales said:

    In addition to prove my point John Holdsworth and Eric Clay if you played Wigan.

    Ah yes, silly of me, point proven 😉

  4. On 15/05/2023 at 08:18, Roughyed Rats said:

    Luke Nelmes was outstanding yesterday. Constantly making great yards, taking 3 or 4 defenders to stop him and also worked tirelessly in defence. Once we cut the errors out, we looked much fitter and better organised than Town and Riddy's kicking game dominated field position. Gritty determined win in Cumbria against a big, tough side. Can't wait for this Sunday. A full house and hopefully another win for the lads. 

    Good summing up RR. I was a bit disappointed with the website match report this week. We all know what a good win that was, always is in Cumbria. But the website didn't really reflect the excitement we all felt on the way home. It's our club website, it should have been full of it. Poor Joe Hartley can't have been too impressed, scored the two tries that won us the game & his first mention was of a knock-on he made that led to an early try for Town! I'm guessing Roger isn't writing the reports anymore, hope all is well . 

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  5. 17 hours ago, jroyales said:

    Hoping for a full house and what should be a great game.

    A lot depends, as usual, how the referee performs - we haven't had the rub of the green in our last two games - same referee!!

    Your obsession with refs is boring. No ref, no game remember. The outcome of Sunday's game will depend on how we play and how Dewsbury play, not how the man in the middle officiates.

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  6. Anyone else watched on the tele & heard Robbie Paul call the pitch an 'island'! You must stay on the island he said when someone got pushed into touch.

    Thought I was hearing things. Hope the lad who went in touch didn't get his feet wet!


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  7. Quick message to Hornets fans planning to come to Oldham on Friday evening - a bigger than usual crowd is expected due to Oldham's recent takeover, so do try and arrive early to guarantee entry. Cheers.

  8. Tandle, only you could crack what was, in fairness, quite a funny joke about Hornets, and still manage to get on everyone's t*ts 🙂

    Besides, North Wales Crusaders will definitely not finish in the bottom two.

  9. 8 minutes ago, Owdhamer31 said:

    Hi all, 


    Expecting the announcement of Mike Ford and Gary Kershaw to be the new custodians of the club. 

    Excuse my ignorance, not sure who Gary is?

  10. 11 minutes ago, tandle said:

    opinion the new signings, now 4 hookers and a prop. both amatures

    As you rightly stated recently we need another prop in the squad. So if these lads impressed in the session we had with them, then why not? 

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  11. 30 minutes ago, Curlywurly2 said:

    Remember when they were asking for volunteers to help get Whitebank ready?. People turned up and worked hard with limited materials. Did they get thanked for their efforts from him in charge? The answer was a big fat NO. At the first game at Whitebank, some were still there doing finishing touches and they were made to go out and pay to go through the Turnstiles!


    The relevance of that being??

  12. 7 hours ago, Logic said:

    Tangle, as someone else who was a committed volunteer for many years, until quite recently, I couldn't agree with you more. Volunteering is something you choose to do and is done be for the love and enthusiasm you have of the club. However much time and effort I have put into helping the club, both on match days and otherwise, I have always purchased a season ticket and contributed to other fund raising initiatives and never thought anything of it. I have however, always been aware of fans who view volunteers with suspicion, assuming that they are doing it for 'a freebie' and that's rather sad. 

    Of course, there are also those who continue to bear a grudge and haven't supported the club for many years, but continue to make negative comments. That sure is boring!

    Well said Logic. 

  13. 49 minutes ago, clifford said:

    I appreciate your sentiment but isn't it down to years of under investment, under achievement and being drip fed poor performance after poor performance.

    As much as I love the club, I see the lack of ambition. 

    In the 21st century what have we achieved?

    1. A season when we lost every league game.

    2. More seasons in the bottom semi pro league

    3. A league 1 championship 😁

    4. Fordy nearly got us to superleague.

    5. Losing to lock lane. For me it just showed me how far we had fallen.

    Yes I might sound all doom and gloom but I might as well watch either Saddleworth or annes for the same Standard of rugby and a lot cheaper.



    B*gg*r off Cliff, I was enjoying my evening until I read that 😞


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  14. Well done Saints, terrific stuff. Am I mistaken or was that Kristian Woolf sat next to Wellens. If Saints invited Kristian to join them for the day, what a master-stroke that was. 

    How ironic, after his drop-goal winner at the Emirates, that Crichton should be the one to make the crucial error in golden point time. And Jerome Leulia, so brilliant in the WC, was completely anonymous here. 

    I knew Welsby was world class, but I thought Percival, Dodd and Sironen were magnificent too. Hope that some of the Saints stars put their hands up for England going forward, starting with the France game in April.

    A magnificent day for British Rugby League and the Super League. Well done to all concerned.

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  15. 57 minutes ago, DaveButt said:

    I gather you don't know either Shrewsbury Roughyed

    Good memory AoHaF. Though I thought it was less than 10 minutes from time. In terms of forgiving Mr Holdsworth, he can't possibly have known for sure because it was tight, inconclusive on TV as you say. And there was no get-out of a video ref of course. He had to make a decision on the spot. Just so damn frustrating it went against us. Of course had it been a normal league match, it would have been long forgotten. We all remember it because it meant so much to us. 

    I've heard it said that if Offiah had scored it, rather than Lordy, he probably would have given it. Perhaps Paul wasn't well enough known within the game, but we know how quick he was, especially over a short distance.

    Anyway, it happened and it doesn't take away the fact that Mr Holdsworth was an excellent referee, well respected by players as many have paid tribute to him on social media. 

    RIP John Holdsworth

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  16. Interesting choices in Littler's leadership group announced today - Ridyard, Whittel & McNally were obvious choices but Meadows and Morgan less so. 

    Good on them , hope it all works out well. 



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