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  1. As an Oldham fan, you should be aware our performances have been excellent in the last 2 games, very unlucky to lose at Whitehaven & to London Broncos on Sunday. I feel a win is just around the corner, we desperately need to beat Swinton this Sunday though. If we lose, its probably curtains but if we win & you lose at Whitehaven, it's game on! You're favourites to stay up obviously with 5 points more than us, but it could just get interesting. I'd love to come to your place on the final day just a point behind you
  2. Hi Cliff How are you? You're right, of course, we need a win for sure! But the performances of the team at Whitehaven & against London Broncos needed to be applauded & the fans on here were right to feel upbeat. Don't forget though, we're not looking up at every club, there are several in League One in worse positions than us.
  3. Blimey Tandle, took me ages to find that!!! You said 3 of our players weren't of Championship standard, fair enough, I don't disagree with you on that. But dare I say, you seem to take some masochistic pleasure from being proven right? If I had made that prediction I would have loved to be proven wrong. Anyway, we'll agree to disagree, we both have the club at heart, so let's get behind the men at Swinton on Sunday & maybe, just maybe, it will kick-start a thrilling end to the campaign.
  4. Tandle, it's not out of Oldham's hands yet, win on Sunday and (if Dewsbury Rams lose at Whitehaven) we are just 3 points behind the Rams, with 6 games to go (and we have to play them yet). The end of pro rugby in Oldham - you're just guessing & surmising. Disaster from the word go - well, we did beat Swinton in the first league game I take my hat off to you if you have supported Oldham since 1949, some achievement that, but supported is the key word. Don't waste all those years of support by turning against the club now, the worry is some people will take your views on bo
  5. Not only are you factually incorrect Tandle, you never fail to lower the mood my friend!! Are you & Cliff blood brothers?
  6. Guess we'll have to rely on catching Dewsbury then Johnny boy !
  7. I had a dream last night. In it we were still in the Championship next year. A fairy godmother waved her wand and instructed the RFL to do away with Championship relegation this season as they are proposing to do in Super League. She said that because Featherstone & Toulouse will be in the expanded SL next year, its only right that the Championship should keep the same number of clubs as this year. So, she said, Oldham and Swinton should be spared and two clubs promoted from League 1 to replace Fev & Toulouse. Then I woke up!
  8. Thanks for reminding us of that Cliff, just as everyone was starting to feel a bit more upbeat. Were you at the game? If so, you might have felt a bit more upbeat too !
  9. "Rise of Rochdale!!!" - have you been on the 'appy bacci, they are halfway down League One!!!
  10. Come on now chaps, let's not fall out amongst ourselves, the season is but young. Plenty of time to turn things around, nothing a win (however distant that seems just now) won't put right. And we are still above Newcastle & 4 points ahead of Swinton (or whatever the % equivalent is). Come on Oldham! Give us a T! (I laughed when I heard this)!!
  11. Well guys I nailed my colours to the Oldham mast last week and I'm not going to change now. I love watching this team play even in heavy defeat. Whitehaven were better than us today, just as we were better than Halifax last week. That's sport! I don't pretend to know what's going on all the time but it seemed to me losing Kirk early was a big blow. Then the unfortunate incidents where we gifted them tries, no legislating for things like that. Anyway it's a long season and I'm sure Oldham's day will come again. Chins up everyone. All the best!
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