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  1. Now now Anita, we all know you're a proud Hornet but with a very strong soft spot for us Roughyeds as well
  2. I think Johnson is primarily a centre or full-back. He's a good player, though not quick enough for wing in my opinion.
  3. https://roughyeds.co.uk/2024/02/peter-rush-dies-at-the-age-of-88/
  4. Deepest condolences, from all at Oldham RLFC.
  5. Agree, I'd be happy to play at midnight
  6. I have a hunch the club will be appealing O'Keefe's ban.
  7. I hope more of you lot vote in your bi-election than will be coming to BP.
  8. This is hilarious - poor CH, what that guy has to put up with !
  9. I was there, I remember it well, not long before our Old Trafford game against Featherstone, happy memories
  10. Yes, Craig's Fantasy Super League game is free to enter, no prizes , just for fun. Have a go, it increases my enjoyment of SL games, I've been in the last couple of years. https://fantasy.superleague.co.uk The mini league is called - Were all Oldham arent we Pin: 7239 Password: VIP1966 Cheers, Jimmy D
  11. Anita, at first glance, I read that as the 58th of June, 1988. I thought 'she's' finally lost the plot !!!
  12. Or a try awarded against us when the guy's over the deadball line or one of ours disallowed because our wingers offside (not)
  13. How about a 4-4 lockdown in a mudbath , replay at BP! Or would it be golden point? Could be playing till midnight if so !
  14. How I love the optimism, I'll go 4-4 and a replay at fortress BP!
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