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  1. On 15/01/2022 at 16:15, glemiln said:

    You may have to sign in to watch.... 

    Excellent coverage, very impressed with The Sportsman, cracking camera angles, replays, interviews. Very good.

  2. 11 minutes ago, The Art of Hand and Foot said:

    Seeding, in my opinion, has destroyed the challenge cup. So what if Leeds are drawn against Wigan in the early rounds!!!! That the luck of the draw. Having lower clubs getting through, because of the luck of the draw is what made it magic. Having the same 4 or 5 clubs getting through is boring. The challenge cup is not there to find the best club overall. That's what the league system is for. The challenge cup is about dreams. In 1989-90, lowly 2nd div Oldham beat Huddersfield, Workington, Salford and Widnes, only to lose in the semi final to John Holdsworth and Warrington. The town was buzzing. That's the real magic of the cup. Unfortunately it's now dead. 

    Less of the lowly!    🙂   🙂  🙂  

  3. 5 hours ago, clifford said:

    Nope not the best 

    Personally, I think in this age of Covid restrictions, the digital programme is the way forward albeit not most peoples preferred option. In the circumstances the club make a very good job of it.

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  4. 1 hour ago, jroyales said:

    I take objection to your suggestion that I'm "twisting the knife."

    I went to the recent meeting and I am very optimistic that John Roddy is on board. To emphasise my optimism I've watched Oldham for over 60 years and I've still got shares from when an appeal  went up for money to keep the club alive.

    So I'll thank you again for telling me where to access any information regarding our great club and not to think I will find anything on this forum.

    No worries mate !

  5. 2 hours ago, jroyales said:

    Thanks for the advice. Just curious why is my post "unnecessary and premature."

    I just enjoy the banter and importantly hearing true fan's opinions on our forum.

    It was unnecessary and premature because it gives readers the impression the meeting didn't happen. It gives the impression the club aren't keeping to what they said when, in fact, since John Roddy arrived things have improved considerably in this issue of bringing all the rugby groups together. It's just looking to twist the knife for no reason whatsoever!

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  6. On 11/12/2021 at 09:47, jroyales said:

    All the talk about involving everybody with an interest in the Yeds didn't last long.

    We the supporters would like to know what is, if anything, is happening.

    THINGS DON'T CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can I suggest you keep up-to-date with the club via the website instead of relying on folk to post on here, inevitably you will miss things. Totally unnecessary and premature posting this!

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  7. On 28/11/2021 at 09:01, Aribella said:

    You saw so little of it as he was never involved in the attack, but always there for defence. The best defender you had in that team mate. And as for being dropped you better ask the board and your coach for an explanation. It seems anyone who speaks up against them gets dropped!!! FACT!

    Just remind me which player & club you are talking about here mate ?

  8. 2 minutes ago, Anita Bath said:

    Yes I was, well and truly humbled by a better team, Oldham were not always offside, and their passes were not forward….just the better team on the day.

    Its great our rivalry returns this year. 

    All the best for 22, except when you play us of course 🙂


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  9. 1 hour ago, Anita Bath said:

    Not quite, you must have forgotten how we beat toulouse at their place in the play off final in 2016, the only game they were ‘To-lose’ all season. Yes we have things to celebrate in the current century.

    You also must have forgotten the Lancs Cup finals in 1911 (beat roughyheads 12-5) and 1919 ( 22-0 v roughyheads).

    To be fair in the next season the result was reversed, Oldham winning 7-0.

    But the centenary of our SECOND greatest day in our history will be celebrated next april when we beat a yorkshire team (Hull) in yorkshire (headingly) 10-9 in the challenge cup final. 

    What could possibly beat that you ask…….we beat Owdum 5-2 in the QF. I expect we were offside at every play and all our passes were forward that day too. What a referee!

    Come on Arthur…we all know we are your second favourite team😊

    Love this Anita, as a Yed through and through I love our A627 rivalry. Were you at the Athletic Grounds last ever game,  I forget the score we scored so many points!!  Seriously though, looking forward to 2022, when we win the Law Cup back and beat you twice in the league. 🙂  🙂   🙂   



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  10. On 23/11/2021 at 13:09, donald said:

    We're a hooker short if you ask me callum missed a big chunk of last season long ban and long injury can't just rely on 2


    I wish he'd missed the 2 games against us - Oldham fan !!

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  11. 18 hours ago, WATERSHEDDINGS_ORLFC_1972 said:

    How can 12 Clubs dictate the finances of the whole of the RL.

    Widnes, Featherstone, Halifax, Bradford Bulls, Oldham Bears, Leigh, all used to be power houses of Rugby League. Look at them now Championship and League One yoyo clubs. This is what power of few do to so many. Reform RL competitions so that they create equal wealth. The Rugby Football League is dictated to by Super League and TV rights. Time to change the equilibrium.

    Correct.....so where do we start?

  12. On 23/11/2021 at 10:05, Excolt 1 said:

    I would like to see Penky do one more season but the biggest miss is Callum Marriot . I hope they can convince him to sign and he’s not to busted. Fui probably to expensive Galbraith I think has retired. The other Rochdale lads seem to have career finishing injuries. Surprisingly Oldham are 7-2 favourites to win league, we are fourth favourites at 5-1 . I thought Swinton would be our biggest rivals but what do I know I backed us to win it last season and we didn’t even make the playoffs.

    As an Oldham fan I expect Swinton to finish top with Keighley close behind. 

  13. On 23/11/2021 at 09:28, WATERSHEDDINGS_ORLFC_1972 said:

    I thought we had a long term  rental agreement with OMBC. How is it Avro United are the main tenants. Didn't we keep up with the rent or something. I agree White Bank had lots of potential at the very beginning. Having a synthetic pitch is no good for RL you need grass. White Bank has loads of ground which wasn't utilized. We could of totally redesigned White Bank. Wider Pitch, Seating Stands, Developed A larger Car park, Main Pavilion, Training Pitch, Bar, Function Room, Proper scoreboard. We could have developed White Bank long term to a 15000 seater stadium it had loads of land. Couple of old tennis courts etc.. Another wasted opportunity.

    Paid for with what ....brass buttons?

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  14. 8 hours ago, DaveButt said:

    And why would it upset us. As long as we have you Howdumbers? around we will always have someone to extract the urine out of.

    Extract the urine?????????????????          Oh you mean take the p*ss 🙂  🙂  

    Just say what you mean my Hairnet friend .


  15. 26 minutes ago, wayne_r said:

    the 1895 cup is a very poor relation to the challenge cup - played in front of a near empty stadium - heaven forbid super league team supporters should get to the ground to watch both matches ! They didn't even have the video ref in place for the 1895 cup final - obviously not important enough................

    As an Oldham supporter, and I'm sure Rochdale & Swinton fans would agree, it would still be very nice to reach the final 🙂


  16. “Thrown away like an unwanted broken toy..” Michael Edwards has been diagnosed with early onset dementia aged 48. He’s among a group of former rugby league players suing the RFL for an alleged failure to protect them from the risks of brain damage.
    So sad to hear this news today that former Roughyeds player Michael 'Mickey' Edwards is ill. Mickey was a fine player for Oldham in the 'A' team at 'Sheddings and then the first team in the new club's first season under Paddy Kirwan. For anyone who hasn't seen it Mickey is interviewed on the BBC Sport website RL page today. But it's also very sad to hear that Mickey is one of a group of 10 ex RL players, including the great Bobbie Goulding, suing the RFL. Easy for me to say when I've never played rugby league in my life but surely players know what they are signing up for when they play the game - it's physical, it's tough, it's hard and injuries will always happen. Seems bizarre to me that the RFL might have a case to answer for failure to protect players. RL is a professional sport and players are paid to put their bodies on the line, they don't have to do it. Interesting to see other ex-pros saying similar things today on social media. What do people on here think?
  17. 32 minutes ago, Oldham 1 said:

    🤬 we must have fought off competition from well nobody for that signing🤣 I mean it can't just be me who is fed up of watching him run around in circles so often he disappears up his own backside , his kicking game is a mix of chips in the air right into the full backs hands or those grubbers into touch that are great with 5 min to go when you are winning ,sadly he does it when we behind and his defence is terrible , I fine with us being in league 1 and understand why our better players would leave but as a half back I'd rather see a young amateur half given a go rather than Hewitt 

    Poor Chewy.....he's really not that bad! In League 1 his experience will be invaluable 🙂

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  18. On 16/10/2021 at 08:16, tandle said:

    last season i stated that with some  signings  we made it  did not bode well  for the coming season.

    i was castigated for this like you are now.the season was a fantastic success wasent it

    so if i where you i would be very wary of what is happening regarding next season.

    Tandle, you've told us all this several times now, stop blowing your own trumpet mate!!  Your rugby knowledge clearly needs applauding . As for your comments about John Roddy and his company , you are well out of order!

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  19. 3 hours ago, Bedford Roughyed said:


    Fullback - 

    Wing - Hartley, Brierley

    Centre - Holcroft

    Utility Back - 

    Half back - 

    Prop - Nelmes

    Hooker - Jinks

    Second Row - Cameron

    Loose Forward - 

    Squad = 6

    Just an observation , and I'm not trying to pick the team , but I think Brierley may be at full-back, Hartley in the centre and Holcroft on the wing.

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