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  1. Never once heard of a ref being banned for this kind of behaviour. You would think it would be easy to spot if this was a trend, the league would soon suss them out. They might even raise an eyebrow when a report goes in against a dog walker…
  2. We really need to look in the mirror as a sport. The stuff that goes on at amateur grounds is the elephant in the room, whilst online reactions to professional games fans the flames. The world seems a more hateful place after lockdowns. And it seems refs are at least one of the outlets of that hate.
  3. Heard from a friend who I trust that the ref on this game has decided to call it a day due to the threats he received after this game. Well done Ackworth Jaguars. One less ref in the pro game, the amateur game and the junior game. What is the RFL doing to hold Ackworth to account for their social media behaviour???
  4. Well I’ve not seen that and happy for you to tell me where in the video this happens. In any case, one decision like that without touch judges present is understandable. But you didn’t respond properly to my point. You have a paid professional here in the middle of an amateur rugby match. A professional who is likely used to scrutiny and who probably trains more than players, when you include video reviews and other training and learning. So your claim about a lack of scrutiny is false. He probably doesn’t have to do this game but there is a well known shortage of referees out there. Not much point in continuing this. You sound like either a perennial ref basher, or green-eyed over a rival Doncaster club achieving something…
  5. I’m told this ref is a regular on the line on sky matches in super league. Not sure you can just turn up and blag your way through that without scrutiny? Unless you know something I don’t?
  6. When does this happen? Sounds a lot like you think we still do ‘free plays’. That changed a while back, I think. My guess is that the kick was deemed advantage taken, but I’ve not watched it yet so happy to be proven wrong.
  7. And the ref has actually got it 100% right if you watch. We love to say how much difference there is between football and rugby when it comes to respect. Do we actually mean it?
  8. Is this acceptable? Reports on social media of the referee being physically threatened after the game, which is clearly unacceptable. Will the RFL or BARLA take action against Ackworth Jaguars for this???
  9. Make your own mind up. Seen this on social media today with reports of the referee being threatened physically after the game. Hands up - I didn’t go to the match due to Christmas shopping with mrs, but it looks easy to me, it’s late on the Toll Bar player and a high tackle too. Not sure what else the bloke could do?
  10. If you mean in-goal area - play on. if you mean over the dead ball line - 20m drop out.
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