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  1. I remember Super League announcing that the minimum a player could earn was £15,000. I'm not well versed enough on Championship finances, but I imagine you could run a part-time squad on that sort of money
  2. Does anyone have any knowledge of locations likely to show the NRL Grand Final in London? I don't have Sky, and will be in the city over the weekend, so looking for somewhere to catch the game. Anyone have any previous experience watching big games darn sarf?
  3. My predictions aged badly. It was based on Saints beating Catalans yesterday, and Hull beating Leeds (which, to be fair, could've gone either way - excuses excuses). So I'm gonna hold my hands up and say don't trust me with your lottery predictions, or to tell you the weather forecast
  4. Only three rounds to go now, all getting quite tight and interesting. What does everyone think the final six will end up like? 1. St Helens 2. Catalans 3. Warrington 4. Hull FC 5. Castleford 6. Wigan All permutations here - https://lastwordonsports.com/rugby/2021/09/01/super-league-play-offs/
  5. Link on Sky Sports https://www.skysports.com/rugby-league/news/12196/12396583/mick-hogan-newcastle-thunder-chairman-says-city-can-become-rugby-league-hotbed
  6. Don't think it's been picked up elsewhere, but Newcastle's chairman Mick Hogan says that they're going to go full-time next season. Interesting development, and you hope it doesn't go the way of Sheffield. But the noises of sustainability, genuine local development, and a rich owner that could "do a Toronto", all are good signs. I know us rugby league fans are a dour lot, but is it OK to be happy with this news?
  7. I know a lot has been on the IRL's plate, but I would seriously expect a lot more of them, taking the initiative as a big finger to the Southern Hemisphere, rather than limply leaving it to individual associations to organise ad hoc fixtures between themselves. https://lastwordonsports.com/rugby/2021/08/19/international-rugby-league-is-a-must/
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