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  1. The reason Hull underperform every year is their home form in front of fans. In the last three seasons 9 wins from 26 home games! Visitors certainly do not fear the Circle compared to Boulevard.
  2. This is one of the reasons the new 20 sl structure will be licensed. No Newcastle in top 20 would be the wrong direction. Newcastle v Bradford to make the 6th game wouldn't be too bad a replacement. Or as Magic is our festival event should it become the 9s comp with all 20+ represented?
  3. Only been to the Newcastle version of Magic and love it. I'm off with three mates on Train tomorrow for one night. Cheapest I could get months ago was £400! They were happy at £100 each but i have yet to tell them we are in one room King and Bunk Beds! And non of us are young anymore. Normally only watch FC, but going to Cats v Sts aswell this time. So maybe less drunk!
  4. I would... Super League Top Tier 4 x 4 Divisions West = Staints, Warr, Wig & Sal East = Leeds, Brad, FC & KR North = Toronto, Ottawa, New York & Boston South = Cat, Toul, London & Paris TV Deals in 4 counties with millions more eyes. 22 Games = 6 H&W against own div, 8 H&W against another div rotated + 8 games against rest This would create four division champions Events (to generate more £ to replace missing home fixtures) 1) Grand Final (play offs Champions at home v 2nd (against team only played once) Semis and Final neutral Grounds 2) Challenge Cup (Magic Round? last 16 or 3) 9's Magic Weekend 4) All Stars x 4 Div = 3 x Double Headers 5) Internationals Tier Two - Regional Divisions (West, East, South, France, NAmer) (Graded licences for prospects to be added to Super League)
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