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  1. I wish more chance of winning the lottery im afraid, i hope im proved wrong
  2. So i didnt see town players? Mayb me bn sober and working i was mistaken, mayb haven players
  3. Mayb the fact that certain players were still in the well and pads after midnight duznt help, thats my in last, everyone struggling financially in life why waste £17 when certain players dnt give a and out drinking t early hrs, 100% true doormen
  4. New chairman and few quality signings cant see us sinking
  5. SINKING SHIP, hope im proved wrong new chairman and few more quality players would be nice f Christmas
  6. quality initiatives wont keep us in this league few quality players is what is needed and a chairman
  7. Exactly, need to try and keep the stay away fans interested
  8. Very much expected from the club im afraid
  9. Looks like tops and training gear av been removed
  10. Thats a must otherwise looking through the fixtures im struggling to see where we are going to pick any points up
  11. BIG prop or 2nd row, only joking
  12. Hard to see where a win will come without adding more experience and quality
  13. Evening news and star again Whitehaven news on re-signing, town never get a mention, anybody any ideas why the paper is not interested in town
  14. https://www.seriousaboutrl.com/jarrod-sammut-in-talks-with-new-club-over-move-45185/
  15. https://www.seriousaboutrl.com/jarrod-sammut-and-andrew-henderson-take-up-surprising-new-career-paths-44860/
  16. Jarrod Sammut and Andrew Henderson are set to become close protection officers for the Vanquish Close Protection company. It is a company at which former Warrington Wolves and Bradford Bulls star Matty Blythe is Managing Director and who has risen through the ranks, travelled to the Middle East and is now sharing his experiences so others – like Sammut and Henderson
  17. As per usual very poor communication from the club, fans needs to be kept up to date with retained players even if no news on new signings, very alarming championship teams picking up players left right and centre while nothing but silence from our club
  18. I thought the the ref was one of the better ones this season, fair enough u dnt get every call but give and take i thought he was one of the best ive seen all season
  19. Could be a long afternoon!, Hope im proved wrongUTT
  20. Exactly, couldn't agree more
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