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  1. Id love to say something positive but cant say anything but negative, i wouldn't mind getting beat week out if we changed tactics or had a different mindset, as today we looked interested until we let the first try in then heads down another defeat, mentally and physically we aint good enough, Cornwall weekend away next season unfortunately
  2. I was there today like every home gam and majority of away games
  3. Played half decent today, my point is he definitely isnt championship level, but i agree 12 others aint championship level aswl
  4. Surely everyone would agree not even a league 1 player, must be on a good wage or definitely would not get anywhere near the team, thorman out of is depth and Clueless, jonty f me
  5. If thorman wasnt on a 3 year contract he surely would have been sacked, any self dictionary he would resign, not up to the job, clearly to see no big forwards s been is down fall
  6. Forber and doran aint good enough f championship, both 100% lads but League 1 players, its beyond ne how alex young ever starts f town, not good enough f brow
  7. All 13? Ive seen u12's try harder
  8. Love town over the oast 20 year's but this is poor, im my opinion thorman is so stubborn we need size and mobile forwards, my opinion is he should resign but wont and probably town cant afford to pay is contract up which he is probably waiting for, il still support hone and away, but its hard to take how bad we are, never look like scoring. Clueless
  9. What bout the other 9 tries to our zero tries we remember? Not good enough and cant see us improving unfortunately with thorman as coach
  10. YES, played ok? Did you go? Played well first 20 mins, so u happy the way we played fot the next 60 mins?
  11. I go home and away, sure i entitled to my opinion? Surely time for a change of coach? Same tactics and results apart from London
  12. I totally agree but money talks, we need money in the team, 100% voulentees help and that helps the club but voulentees wont keep us in this league
  13. PLEASE PLEASE SAVE OUR CLUB, new board with money (probably not) new directors and and coach who aint stubborn with the fact we dnt need big forwards when we do, local lads getting dropped when the club pushes f local talent
  14. I cant release money and sign players, dnt think me selling tickets will keep us up, according to rumours we have money for players? Obviously not
  15. Ye Maybe harsh, but u got to agree top to bottom is shambolic, even directors say some players are unavailable when speaking to them they are available but telt better players picked ahead of them, even though they are our best players
  16. Totally agree unexpectedle but nothing will change, board and coach out of there depth
  17. Agree, club from top to bottom is a joke at the minute, from the board to the coach, shocking
  18. Talking to barrow fans, there commercial side and money making schemes make town look like amateurs, not surprised
  19. Alex young league 1 player at best
  20. Exactly, i dnt think we av any better, just guna sicken local lads, massive loss if he goes back t amateur
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