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  1. I just feel that things have become a bit stale and repetitive at the club now.We hardly hear anything from the chairman and playing wise we will only ever be a mid table team unfortunately unless things are freshened up coaching wise now.I have always been against fixtures been changed just for tv especially when you have bought a season ticket and the fixtures change after meaning it has cost you more overall than paying on the day because you can't attend with work commitments during a week. I think there are just a few warning signs appearing that make us less appealing now

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  2. Good luck Sam.You were never really given much chance at York. Will Jubb is in great form and with Kriss Brinning leaving I would have expected Sam getting more game time.

    York must have a replacement lined up.It would be madness if they didn't 

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  3. 49 minutes ago, JonT said:


    You are right, SK. And on reflection I realise there are worse things happen to far better people. This is only rugby after all. But season tickets are promoted by clubs on a value for money basis, so to have some of that value eroded at no fault of the purchaser does, in my opinion, justify a degree of highlighting. 500 quid all in one go was a hell of an outlay for me! I certainly don't don't think it is fair to just dismiss this as moaning and to shut down discussion. 

    Totally agree.SK is very good at dishing out his opinion , but isn't respectful of other fans fair opinions. 

  4. I said this from when it was first announced. I still say it won't work long term and once again for me it is another game I won't be able to attend.My season ticket is a waste of time and I won't renew it next season 

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  5. It shows how far we are behind the big clubs.Leigh showed us how it is done today.I know it was difficult conditions, but it was the same for both teams.

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  6. A good run out today.Good crowd but the way we were crammed into one stand like that was mad.

    We are joint custodians of the ground so why were we all in one stand.Its not a good advert for the club for anyone who has come to watch for the first time.

    The club need to wake up to this and use the other stands aswell when you get crowds like today.Not that I heard the attendance again.

    I hope this improves as the season goes on.What one club can do then we should be able to aswell 

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  7. That's the disappointing thing now.We never get the attendance announced like we used to. It's all part of been a supporter knowing the attendance. 

    Since the ticketing system changed at this stadium we get to know very little on this subject 

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  8. 1 hour ago, spanishknight said:

    Looks like Chizzy could miss the start of the season with an 8 game ban for calling the Oldham physio a not very nice name.

    There was no guarantee that he was going to play against us like the press seems to think .Featherstone have a good strong squad again this season and I don't think Chizzy would be the king pin this season 

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