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  1. Hi guys, there are no issues whatsoever - love the club, the supporters have been brilliant... just want to do new things....no drama !
  2. I am not ignoring the points you make and maybe they are for another day to explore - In the meantime as a future investor or for any other potential investors watching in the background, lets for this week focus on Sundays game and get the win.
  3. I cannot speak for Rochdale, however I do believe that Oldham "will" survive and 'hopefully prosper' - As a main sponsor and volunteer, I do look to the future of Oldham with one cautious eye on the RFL and IMG's future recommendations. I dont believe that many new investors will contribute heavily into a sport which is not clear itself on its future. So until then, its 'us' (CH, Sponsors, volunteers and supporters) the club have not once this season come out with a begging bowl, we even reduced shirt prices to give more a chance for more to be able to afford one..... What is important and what 'we' can all do, is support the lads on Sunday big time, give them them the best chance to get into the Play Offs - from there we re-group together and support Stu/Shez and the lads, to do the best we can.... who knows!!! Cmon !! John
  4. Thanks good to hear, I did an interview this morning with Yeds TV - should be out tomorrow. John
  5. I never know whether to come on the forum to give you my pennyworth - some supporters like it, others not. That said, despite a poor start to the season on the field we are excelling in my opinion, in 'off field' initiatives. ''On Field' - theres money on the table to strengthen the squad and we have been working hard to secure target players - easier said than done tho. I have good relations with SL and Champ clubs and believe me, they are struggling with availability themselves. We are now past this ridiculous run of fixtures dates (stop start) and now hopefully we can get some continuity and momentum. Fri night fixture in London - SL no issue, but L1?? really?? and this on the back of a two none game weekends in May.. Tomorrow, we are back to the drawing board, to ensure that our fightback is guttsy and determined. Oldham's season starts now !! John (Supporter/Sponsor)
  6. Feels like everything but playing.... enjoying every minute tho #UTY
  7. Excuse? You have lost me..!
  8. My excuse?? not sure what you mean. .. explain?
  9. Thanks for the comments guys, there is so much happening and the website, Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram is where all club news is shared. Everyone is working hard to achieve our goals (not just me) seeing the squad let by Stuart and Brendan up Snowden, was excellent and truly inspiring... John
  10. Thanks - please note for anyone not yet completed the survey it closes Sunday evening - please email johnroddy-oldhamrlfc@mail.com and a link will be sent soonest. John
  11. Hi everyone all surveys have gone out, if you would like a link sent to you - please email jr-oldhamrlfc@mail.com Thanks John
  12. I get it and I will work hard with Chris and all the team, to achieve that.... Lots of hard work going on behind the scenes - Our supporters are vital to our future, let's succeed together!! (GDX still going to ask for a credit note )
  13. GDX??? All that money I spent on the club front of shirt/back of shorts and Socks sponsorship and you get the name wrong.... Want a credit note now... Come and say hello at the Forum
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