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  1. Is the two leagues of ten going ahead . If so who will be in it . Is it top ten SL clubs clubs in top league . Then the bottom 2 Sl clubs and top 8 in championship for second league . Or is it invitational ?
  2. But theres more pro football clubs in Lancashire than Yorkshire but still Lancashire grounds are better than the Yorkshire one
  3. How many years has these two clubs been in super league ? How many millions of pounds have they received by being there yet they havent improved any of there grounds in that time .
  4. You forgot Doncaster who have a decent stadium which is shared with the football club .but to me poor stadiums are holding the sport back . Super league should bring in minimum standards for stadium
  5. Or rochdale . Spotlands better than most rugby stadiums in Yorkshire. Although shared with footy
  6. Why is it that when it comes to stadiums Yorkshire club are miles behind the Lancashire teams .? Even in football there grounds are miles behind .
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