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  1. With the town crest, we’d love to add it to the kit but the RFL guidelines are very strict regarding the number of logos on the kit and where they’re placed, so the only way to do it would be for the club to lose one of the sponsor logos. Obviously that wouldn’t make financial sense.
  2. Ravensport


    2023 shop is live. Home kit and training wear available with more to follow soon. The away kit will be out in time to purchase before Christmas. We’re just talking to the club about possibly doing a physical, in person launch so that people can buy face to face. https://www.ravensport.com/product-category/clubs/batley-bulldogs/
  3. Ravensport


    The names will be added into the maroon part of the shirt. They’ll be subtle enough that you’d be able to find your name, but you won’t notice them from a distance. I’m hoping to have one made up Today, as the deadline for adding names was Friday.
  4. Ravensport


    The club have been selling the opportunity for fans to place their name, or that of a friend, family member etc. on the shirt for £20 with the money split between the club and Batley Sporting Foundation. That’s what Vossy is referring to. i hope that clears it up.
  5. Ravensport


    The kits are imminent. Photos done Today. Obviously the club are offering the chance to add names to one of them, so it’ll be a soft launch and possibly pre-sale until the deadline passes for that which is only a week away anyway.
  6. Ravensport


    We were aiming for the usual mid-November launch but it couldn’t be done this time for various reasons. It should be back to normal next year.
  7. Ravensport


    It's a light grey and white. The shorts and socks are mainly the grey colour.
  8. Ravensport


    They should be, but it might be worth giving us a bell on Friday to double check.
  9. Ravensport


    I've got em. Thanks everyone for the positive feedback on the kits so far. We'll be at the club on Saturday morning with some stock, but if you're wanting them personalised I'd advise placing the order online ASAP and adding the name/number in the comments section at checkout. We realise they're a bit later than usual this year which has been down to a few different factors, but we'll make sure that everyone has them in time for Christmas, which normally means a few nights driving round dropping by hand but we don't mind that at all.
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