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  1. Yes Latu was not on team sheet and he played. (To be fair he was one of the better ones) Ulberg was on the list but did not play. Maybe Mustard is getting them confused The lack in ideas on the last play was so poor, no organisation whatsoever. Coleman says we need to be more clinical in attack but We never looked like getting within 10m of their tryline, let alone scoring. He also says it will take time to gel etc but we looked better against Widnes so we’ve got worse. Sorry but Coleman needs to go. Sadly all the damage has been done by DH and I think it’s too late for this club to recover. As a supporter for 20 years I’m done. Until the club/DH get their act together I will not be returning to support them
  2. I see the video of Coleman after the game has now vanished from Twitter.
  3. Based on that performance (and the previous two) we won't win one game all season.
  4. Vicente Amigo - "Amorali (with Potito)" Album: Memoria de los Sentidos You're welcome.
  5. Votes and discussion welcomed. Cumbrian-esque weather forecast for London just in time for Kick off could make things interesting. London by 14
  6. Ok first haIf, awful 2nd half. shipping 28 points on a boggy pitch I dread to think what Leigh and Fev will do us on a dry fast pitch. With our current squad and the rate we are going, they could be record defeats
  7. I rate Batley highly believe me but this was seen as a shock in general terms. I was basing it on the majority of RL fans opinion on Fax apparently having the best team (behind Fev and Leigh) and Batley not achieving the heights they reached last season. Fax often have trouble with their discipline so if London can get off to good a start then they could turn it into an arm wrestle.
  8. So we are away to Fax this weekend who will be looking to make up for their shock defeat to Batley in round 1. Big improvement needed this week. Start like we did against widnes and we are in real trouble. I will reserve my score prediction once the squad is announced later - hopefully Wellington Albert, Ulberg and Siti will be available.
  9. I thought not. Maybe there should be so teams like WWR can get their act together and also to give other teams a chance.
  10. Skolars are lucky that WWR and Cornwall are in L1. Chargers gave them a real good game on Saturday in the end and could probably beat WWR. Is there relegation from L1 to conference this year?
  11. Yes there's no doubting that, however he was played out of position for us last year so I'd give him a chance to prove himself in the centres. He's a big unit. Him alongside siti and ulberg in the attacking line I think will cause problems for defences. Time will tell.
  12. Agreed. I didn't realise how big Palumbo is. Tuliatu has a good leg drive on him. Sort the defence out wide and we stand a better chance. Paulos Latu at centre will help when he comes back. If the majority of those missing on Sunday are fit in time for Haven then we will be ok.
  13. Yep. Also Rob Tuliatu coming on for Brad Foster when both of them should be on the pitch at the same time. Shows the complete lack in depth we have. As somebody else here said, there should be a couple (at least) who shouldn't expect another game in a broncos shirt, but then again tis the broncos and they'll probably be in starting lineup next week. We desperately need the three Aussies in the squad and we need to get a goal kicker, was it Coates? who missed two absolute sitters and as for the one from the sidelines...it didn't even get above the ground. Whitehaven is a MUST-win in two weeks time.
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