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  1. I've not been in the Ron Earnshaw Lounge since well before covid, maybe I should make it in my way to call in some time. If the truth be known, we probably agree on lots of things. You said a while back that the club needed a PR man to get things out there, which I agree with you on. The Eton Rifles event was actually advertised on the BISSA twitter page last night. The BISSA twitter page seems to be the 'go to' place regarding information about the club. Whoever looks after it seems to be on the ball, and is doing an excellent job. Maybe you were a bit harsh to suggest I might have an axe to grind yesterday, but entitled to have your opinion, as do we all, which I respect. I'll reiterate, I've got no axe to grind, and my only interest is for the club to be as good as it can be. This will probably be my last post on the forum for a while, as I fly out to New York for 6 weeks later. I hope to be back in time for the London away match, which is more like an home match for me. I wouldn't be surprised if we were sitting as high as second in the table by that time. Keep up the good work with the stats, they make an interesting read.
  2. Who know's. I was referring to our friends across the valley. My brother is a Dewsbury fan and some friends are Dewsbury fan's too, so I might get some ribbing from them, but as I said I'd hope no one would want that to happen. Maybe I could have been clearer with my wording, so as for you not to appear to misinterpret me. Anyway, it appears the £1000 draw has been a success, which is massively encouraging, so if things carry on like that, the situation shouldn't arise. ONWARDS AND UPWARDS
  3. Brilliant news. Well done club.
  4. Absolutely no axe to grind with the club. Just want what's best for the club that's all.
  5. The club doesn't have an official Media Man. What we do have is John Miller and a small team all doing their best as volunteers for zero pay. You can't run a club/business like that. Ultimately it doesn't work, and isn't working. There is still no mention of the £1000 draw on either of the club's official Facebook and Twitter pages, and on Sunday preference was given to advertise the sale of Pink Weekend t-shirts on the club's socials instead of advertising the details of Summer Bash tickets. Given our apparent perilous financial situation, shouldn't the Summer Bash tickets be a priority. I was of the understanding that we receive commission based on sales. Off the field things are starting to come to an head, that is obvious from Kevin's recent letter. If there aren't changes in key areas and quick, then we are sleepwalking into a disaster where we may no longer have a club, and I hope nobody wants that.
  6. £1000 Prize Draw! - Batley Bulldogs bulldogs.mysportstickets.co.uk
  7. Might be worth the club taking a look at how Keighley Cougars are doing things. Keighley is not too dissimilar in size and make up of Batley, and also has a diverse population. There seems to be plenty of things going on at the Cougars all for the benefit of their club. They are drawing the crowds in, have an engaging twitter page and a fantastic up to date and informative website too. It also appears that we are the only club in the Championship and League 1 apart from West Wales Raiders that doesn't have an official Media Man/Woman. Its certainly showing.
  8. Yes, seen him about, but not aware what his official role is. The clubs official commercial twitter account has a header photo of our former wingman Jodie Broughton. Maybe he is helping out in the Commercial Department as well?
  9. According to the website they still do match and match ball sponsorship, but no mention of man of the match sponsorship. Sponsorship - Batley Bulldogs If they do, it might also help to promote commercial opportunities on the clubs official commercial twitter account as it appears to be rarely used for such purposes. Does the club have a Commercial Manager these days? no mention of one on website.
  10. Good point. This never used to happen at one time, (apart from possibly if we were both drawn at home in the cup). I've noticed this has been the case on a few occasions in recent years, and not just this season. I don't know if Batley and Dewsbury could get together and ask the RFL what they are playing at, if they haven't done already because it's got to be to the detriment of both clubs to be at home on the same day.
  11. On the point of engaging, I remember some time back that Redditch Bulldog via this forum offered his help with the website to the club free of charge, as he said he had expertise in this field. I don't know whether the club ever took up this offer, but if not, would probably be best speaking to him about the relevance of the website and how useful it could be for the club. I seem to remember Supertyke who used to run a very competent unofficial site offering his help too. Further on the point of engaging, and more concerning, I heard on Sunday from a club shareholder that shareholders are not being invited to meetings and haven't been since long before covid. If the club isn't even engaging properly with its shareholders, it doesn't seem surprising that it's finding it difficult to engage with anyone else.
  12. Yes, I thought this was the case. as this information came to me through a trustee of the then Batley Sporting Charitable Trust.
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