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  1. Too much use of 'tinpot' to sneer at certain clubs. Where are all the large, well supported and financially stable clubs waiting to take their place?
  2. TWP are denied re-entry to the SL and suddenly everything about SL is pants. How tedious.
  3. You really are most desperate for Cas and Wakey to be relegated aren't you?!
  4. Genuinely feel for the Salford Supporters, very gutting for them. Great appointment for Hudds if true.
  5. Agreed - I was just using the official reason which was it was cancelled.
  6. The game was cancelled by the SL wasn't it? as both sides had already qualified for the Play Offs?
  7. It all comes across as blind faith.
  8. Oh apologies, I could have sworn you admitted to being from Wakefield, hating Wakefield RLFC and supporting the Rhinos. You must make things up as you go along then. Anyway rent free goodbyes, I am popping out.
  9. Apologies, I didn't realise threads about Salford were reserved for glory supporting home town (City) hating supporters. Mods - feel free to remove my posts at Tommys behest!
  10. After your meltdown regarding the TWP demise on here the other day? You have a cheek!
  11. They don't need fantasy drawings, it's all over for them. Let it go.
  12. Yes I have responded to lots of sneering posts this week, good on you for noticing.
  13. I shouldn't hold your breath, more sarcasm and sneering awaits.
  14. Its being, and you have zero proof of that as usual. So your faux outrage is pointless, as per.
  15. Carcassonne, beautiful place and a tidy little ground.
  16. Slight correction but Cas don't get anywhere near double Trinity's attendance. Averages from last 3 season (this season excluding) Trinity 5,300 Cas 7,800 Definitely better supported but nowhere near double.
  17. It was more regarding comments like Fev not waiting until TWP are cold I was referring to. Don't get me wrong Toulouse is a place I would love to visit and see an RL game, it looks an amazing place.
  18. Fev do it and get slated, I bet Toulouse get heaps of praise for doing the same.
  19. Plus if Trinity carry on and lose our remaining games don't KR potentially move off the bottom of the table on percentage points?
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