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  1. It seems they have enough support and backing to look after one of their stalwart performers and record try scorer. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-46072029 Good luck with this lot if that's where you plan to play your rugby.
  2. As far as I know he is correct. Apparently (if I recall reading this this correctly) the English RU administrators were disappointed with the crowd, not for the numbers, but for the fact that the crowd cheered far too enthusiastically when a Dewsbury player scored a try against England! (Can't remember where I read this) They vowed never to return to Crown Flatt for an international fixture. I guess in those days club loyalty seemed more important than a new emerging national sporting identity. Oh! wait a minute............(a dig at football, not Rugby of either code). Perhaps somone who watched the game could tell us more BSJ?
  3. Fair enough, my mistake. Well done to everybody involved in the work so far, things do seem much more positive around the place, thanks to a lot of hard work.
  4. Hi In another topic Official Rams Updates said (and I apologise for not being able to quote this properly) Althought these further developments are perhaps a little way off, I was wondering about some the practical issues of "crowd control". I imagine that the "segregation fence" will have a stewarded gate between the two stands (for safety reasons). On match days, where the original 3500 approved capacity is not in threat (i.e. most games for the forseeable future), would I be right to presume the "gate" (assumig it exists) would be open and that fans would still be free to move between South and East stands as they can do now, satisfying the "half time end changers" and part time sun seekers (July-August only!). It would be a shame to find that you had to commit to one end or the other when the attendence is barely above what we get now! On another point, am I right in thinking the refusal to grant an extension to the current capacity after the completion of the East terrace is primarily based on the assumption that, in inclement weather, all the fans would congregate in the covered South stand area. I believe I read some posts suggesting plans are to eventually roof the East terrace at some time in the distant future. Has anyone costed roofing the East stand and if that was completed would that extend the capacity without having to have some of the other developments done (segregation fence, turnstiles etc.)? - I just wondered if money would be better saved for a roof than spent fences etc. I, for one, value that Rugby League venues (in the main) allow the free unsegregated movement around the grounds and I am massively put off of the idea of being corralled into enclosures in my own team's home ground like football fans.
  5. Just this week noticed the new sign outside the ground (the one that advertises the next match). It may have been there a while but I pass in the dark. I could not help thinking it would look great lit up (for both us and the sponsors). It would draw a lot more attention. Now mains lighting may not be on the cards but you can get some fairly powerful LED floodlighting, solar (charging during the day before any comedian pipes up) or wind powered. Don't know how robust it is (anti-vandal) but its relatively inexpensive. Probably worth a bit more research? - one for the Amber Ribbon? Example: http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Solar-Centre-SS9798-Floodlight/dp/B00518UP1A
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